Diatomaceous Earth : A Non-Toxic Aid in Fight against Fleas!

Phoenix - Mini Habibi Bear at Puppy Charm SchoolSpring has just about sprung here in the lush Pacific Northwest, home of the Original Teddy Bear dog, the Habibi Bear puppy dog! We at the Habibi Bear Central Hub are taking advantage of the equal daylight hours and with extra daylight comes extra outdoor time, which can mean–fleas! Especially in the spring after the first few sunny days, these unwelcome guests can hitchhike on your little Habibi Bear guy or gal and have them itching up a storm. Fleas are the bane of existence for pet owners everywhere. If the mere thought of these pesky little critters have you seeing red, we have you covered with some natural, non-toxic ways to fight them. 

Diatomaceous (Food Grade) Earth is a wonderful tool to have in your natural pest control toolbox, and it is odorless and safe for pets to ingest. Diatomaceous (Food Grade) Earth is a powder made of tiny fossilized diatoms, or plankton, which causes deadly dehydration to fleas and other insect pests and kills them without toxicity.  It is important to purchase the Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (FGDE), as opposed to a commercially treated type, which Pool Cleaners use in the filtration system. FGDE is available for sale online and in feed stores, as it is used as a dietary supplement for farm animals as well as a dewormer, causing worms and soft-bodied parasites to die by dehydration, in the same way as fleas. 

For example, when the rains have stopped, FGDE may be sprinkled on the dirt or around entryways to slow or halt the entry of fleas into your home. Using gloves (while non-toxic, it is very drying to the skin) may even be sprinkled around the baseboards, corners of rooms, and carpeted areas to prevent any significant infestation of fleas. FGDE is a fine powder, so it is suggested that caution is used to avoid deep, direct inhalation while applying it inside the home. Once it is applied, FGDE can be vacuumed up or left on carpets to combat fleas. 

If fleas have managed to get a foothold in your home, there are still several non-toxic ways to keep them under control that may take a few extra steps, but will in general, be overall safer for your Habibi Bear puppy’s health. 

  1. Bathe your pet with equal parts vinegar, Dawn, and water, rinse well, and then use a flea comb to ensure your Habibi Bear pup is flea (and egg) free. 
  2. Wash all pet bedding in hot water and dry on an extra-high heat setting. 
  3. If FGDE isn’t available, a mixture of baking soda and table salt can work, but it is generally less effective. 
  4. Make or purchase Flea Lamp Traps, using bowls of soapy water and a light source. Put these out after kids and pups are in bed, and wait for the flea fiesta to begin. They won’t be able to resist the light or the water, and you’ll be able to catch any stragglers or dodgers left behind. Do this for a few nights until you notice that there are no more fleas being caught. 
  5. Make an herbal repellent water by boiling rosemary, thyme, oregano, or cloves to capture the oils. Once cooled, strain the herbal water and place it in a spray bottle to spritz on bedding and furniture. To make the water last longer, keep unused water in the refrigerator. 

We at Habibi Bears are committed to raising and delivering the healthiest bunch of Habibi Bears possible. We choose the natural and holistic approach rather than relying heavily on pharmaceuticals. Let us know how these holistic methods work for you and your Habibi Bear puppy. We are always here for you, cheering you on!