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Proper Socialization Tips

What is dog socialization? Why is it so important? Dog socialization essentially means exposing your dog to a plethora of new sounds, sights, smells, surfaces, environments, objects, people and animals in a way that helps your dog open up to them in ...

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Doggy Super Heroes: Service and Therapy Dogs

Before bringing home your Habibi Bear, it is super important to decide on the exact role that your new dog will fulfill in your family. Is it one of a family pet, or a companion to another dog already in your home, or will it be used as a service ani...

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Doggy Super Heroes: The Sequel

We’ve had some inquiries about our previous post, “Doggy Super Heroes” on how best to help our precious pups achieve Super Hero status. It is so exciting for us at Habibi U (Go Bears!) to assist you every step of the way. Are you ready?  Let’s go!  B...

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How to Engage with your dog at an even deeper level!

I know some of you are always looking for ways to expand the amount of quality time with your dog, and including your dog in your mindfulness practice is a perfect way to deepen and strengthen the bond between you, and increase your effectiveness as ...

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Reflecting on Our Role in Our Pups' Adolescent Phase

Hello, Habibi Bear Family! Noticing a bit of mischief from your pup lately? It's quite common as they hit adolescence, anywhere between 5 to 24 months. This is when our sweet little ones start pushing the envelope, and yes, it can be as challenging a...

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Why not the dog park?

Dog parks have become a growing popular trend, and its one that causes most trainers and behaviorists to cringe when they hear about their clients taking their new puppies to. While it sounds like a wonderful experience for your puppy, the opportunit...

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Danger on a string: The lure of retractable leashes

While out the other morning returning from a trip to the grocery store, a scenario caught my eye that had the potential for disaster and heartbreak. Driving past an apartment complex, a middle-aged man was out on a walk with his small terrier mix dog...

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Big Puppy Energy- Adjusting our expectations of a new puppy coming home.

Here at Habibi Bears, we get so many emails from new trained puppy parents who frequently ask the same question- “Does my dog like me? They don’t seem to be excited to see me!” Another frequent remark is “My puppy isn’t jumping up to greet me when I ...

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Bugs and Critters Oh My! Parasites and your Dog

Last week in our blogpost, Retractable Leashes , we made mention that one excellent reason to keep puppy by your side while out walking is to avoid the temptation of puppy to find “goodies” to nibble on without your permission and before you can sto...

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Puppy Zones & Spatial Learning

Last week we discussed how we at Habibi Pup Academy (Go Bears!) spend quite a bit of time and effort to train your puppy to be in a state of calm and quiet as their default mode. We do this to build and maintain a training foundation that we can mo...

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Ring My Bell- Conditioning and Consistency with your Habibi Bear Puppy

Last week we talked about puppy zones and spatial learning, and how understanding those concepts when your puppy arrives home can set your puppy up for success. Today we’ll cover another pillar of training a “Super Pup” – Conditioning. What is condit...

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Learning Experiences for You and Puppy

Last week we talked about conditioning, its definition and how we use it, along with consistency and routine, in training puppies to obtain the results we want in positive puppy behaviors. In short, puppy training is conditioning. So, what happens wh...

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Daylight Savings Time Change & Transitioning your Habibi's Feeding Schedules

Here at Habibi Bear Pup Academy (Go Bears!) we are all about empowering you to provide the very best experience for your pup and consequently, your entire family. As the weather is undergoing its seasonal transformation and we lose more light of day,...

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Teach your Children to Speak Dog

As a kid growing up, I always wanted to be able to talk to the animals. Did you? If you’re an animal lover, I imagine there was a deep desire to connect in a meaningful way with animals of all sorts, especially dogs. Kids are exposed in film, books a...

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Get back that Puppy Mojo!!

Back to school, back to basics! Helping puppy get their mojo back after any type of change.  A puppy delivery here at Habibi Bear headquarters from our guardian homes is always exciting. A new bunch of babies to cuddle, snuggle and love.  Over the ye...

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Superpups and Puppachinos! Dog Costumes and your pup.

It’s that time of year when our Instagram feeds can be filled with endless pictures of puppies in the cutest costumes: pirates, super heroes, sunflowers and even a favorite hot beverage or food.  While it is tempting to do the same with your pup, her...

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Do Dogs Like Cuddling? Learn More 

DO DOGS LIKE CUDDLING? IT MAY NOT BE A MUTUALLY PLEASANT EXPERIENCE. LEARN MORE ABOUT CUDDLING DOGS AND HOW TO READ THEIR BODY LANGUAGE! We are crazy about dogs! They’re the best! So warm, soft, and adorable,...it is a natural impulse to want to pick...

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Service Dog Training vs Companion Dog Training: Learn More

In this article we will discuss how one should determine the best training for their pup. Do you need service dog training or companion dog training? Keep reading to learn more. In an ideal world, life would be smooth and tranquil and we would have t...

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Doggie Condos or Living the Sweet Life

Every dog deserves their own private space, where he or she can just kick back, relax, and enjoy the finer things in life. A place where they can just be themselves. A place that is totally their own. And guess what? That is exactly what their crate ...

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Keeping Spirits Bright-Holiday Planning with a Puppy

For the first time in a few years, the likelihood that you and your family will be socializing during this holiday season is very high. We are so excited to be gathering with friends and family.  Since our families include our beloved Habibi Bear pup...

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You will find all kinds of great information here to help you raise and enjoy your sweet Habibi Bear.

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Developing A Dog with a special purpose & a Program to support them!

I’m Julie, the creator of the Habibi Bear. Developed exclusively to provide support for children with Autism & special needs.  I was inspired by my students and wanted to assist them by raising a dog that can be their voice and help them navigate their world. Over the years, this vision has expanded as I now serve people of all ages with my Habibi Method Program, as a Puppy Parenting Coach! 

Our naturally reared dogs are vitally healthy and have a rich gene pool with no inbreeding. I have an open stud book and will always be open to outcrossing to further my line. Health & temperament are paramount in my pursuit of raising dogs with a purpose.

In the beginning I told myself I would do this as long as it still lights me up inside and there is a need for my dogs.  Here I am years later, and I’m still having a ball, and our network is now international.  Every puppy amazes me with their uncanny ability to connect to people's hearts. It’s an honor to be the guardian of these special little bears, and be part of something quite magical between the hearts of human and dog.

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