Blues Clues Part One! Preparing for your Puppy

mini Habibi Bear teddy bear adult dogHere at the Habibi Bear Central Hub, home of the Original Teddy Bear dog, we are always striving to expand our knowledge about dogs and share it with all of you, our Habibi Bear Tribe, in order to provide the best for both puppy and families in what to expect and how to get along. Our motto for giving your Habibi Bear puppy the best home is BE PREPARED! 

Preparing for bringing home a new puppy is paramount in order for you and puppy to have the best experience possible. Here’s some helpful tips to remember no matter where you are in your puppy parenting journey.

  • Be proactive and learn about puppy development before bringing home a new puppy. Knowing what the different stages of development are for your puppy will go a long way in reducing your own stress and increasing your confidence, which in turn, conveys stability to your Habibi Bear guy or gal. A confident pup is a happy pup.
  • On a similar note, be familiar with dog behavior and how to negotiate your wants and expectations with the reality of what your Habibi Bear pup can realistically accomplish or function it can provide. There is a long period of establishing a strong bond of trust between you and your Habibi Bear pup before the miracle of providing a task or service is possible. Just as we don’t expect a child to perform a piano concerto, it is very helpful to know the limits of what type of emotional support a puppy can provide. 
  • Give your Habibi Bear puppy the benefit of the doubt. If a puppy has an accident, chews on shoes or other items left within their reach, or engages in disruptive barking, take a breath, count to three and remember that your Habibi Bear guy or gal is not being willfully disobedient or purposefully destructive. They are experiencing biological needs that are not being met or tended to, and it is up to us to read the signals and give them what they need to succeed and be the Superpups we know they are! 
  • Remember that whatever testing phase that you and your Habibi Bear puppy are experiencing, it is temporary and it will pass. Puppies go through extreme and rapid physical, emotional, and physiological developments in a relatively short period of time. Their little brains, nerves, muscles and bones are still learning to mesh together and work in unison on their way to being full grown dog. When you consider how brief their gestational period is and how much they accomplish at five months old, it is miraculous. We can afford to provide them with grace and leniency, guidelines and love.

We hope that no matter where you are on your Habibi Bear puppy journey, you know you can count on us for continuing support and educational resources to make the road that you and your Habibi Bear puppy walk together a smooth and easy one. Reach out and drop us a line in the comments below, we are always here for you, cheering you on! 

Puppy Application

Are you searching for a furry family member who's got a special touch for comfort and support? We've got just the thing with our Habibi Bears Breeding Program. 😊

Our Puppy Application is designed with care to pair you with a Habibi Bear that's a perfect fit for your lifestyle. It's all about making a heartfelt connection, so share your story with us - every detail helps!

While you can't pick your puppy like you pick apples, we're here to help! We observe our pups closely and use our Habibi Method assessments to match you with a Habibi Bear that'll flourish in your loving home. We look at Traits, Personality, and the unique Healing Power of our puppies. We're excited to learn about your home and help you find a Habibi Bear that's eager to be part of your family.

Ready to take the next step? Just fill out our Puppy Application, and let's embark on this journey to bring a bundle of joy and companionship into your life!

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