A Match Made in Heaven: Deep dive into Our Puppy Testing System

We here at the Habibi Bear Central Hub in the Pacific Northwest, home of the Original Teddy Bear dog, truly believe that each and every one of our loving Habibi Bear puppies is a magical being.  It is part of our mission to see the wonder and beauty of each one of our individual Habibi Bear pups, and one of the ways we do that is through our rigorous Habibi Method Evaluation Process. It’s one of the ways we take the extra step in making sure every one of our precious puppies finds their way to their perfect forever home. If you were ever curious about how we do that, this is the article for you! Let’s go! 

 The first step is the very important Puppy Application. One of the first things you did as a potential member of the Habibi Bear Family Tribe was to fill out the Puppy Application, so that we could get a glimpse into two main things: you and your family’s needs, and the climate of your family environment and home. We ask these two particular questions to determine which type of puppy would make the best fit, based on their unique combination of stable (fixed) and adjustable (flexible) traits. 

A trait is defined as a particular quality, tendency, or characteristic belonging to someone or something. 
Stable traits are those that each puppy is born with, and will stay with them their whole lives. The stable traits we test for are Energy Level, Prey Drive, Motivation, Assertiveness, Human Focus, and Tenderheartedness. We also test for adjustable traits, those traits that can be influenced, shaped or altered, through mentorship, education or training. The adjustable traits are Sound and Sight Sensitivity, Nerve Strength or Resiliency, Touch Tolerance and Confidence. We at Habibi Bear are dedicated to taking significant time and effort to determine each Habibi Bear puppy’s stable and adjustable traits as part of the selection process for making the very best possible match. 

We perform a series of well-proven interactive tests, note the results, then review the Puppy Application to arrive at our meticulous conclusion and your perfect puppy match! It is a lifelong passion of ours, based on and in our background of Early Childhood Education and the Montessori method of teaching, to discover, nurture and encourage the unique aspects of each puppy, unveiling their beautiful souls and individual personalities and place them where they will best shine like the bright little sparkling bits of sunshine they are. It is so difficult to convey with words here on this electronic screen the amount of joy and love we feel and experience when doing these personality tests. It truly is our pleasure to take this extra step for you and our little Habibi Bear guys and gals, and our way of bringing love, comfort and joy into the world. After all, Habibi means my beloved, and love is built into our name, something that we take very seriously. 

Do you have a special story about your beloved Habibi Bear puppy? What qualities do you admire most about your pup? Reach out to us and let us know because we love hearing from our Habibi Bear Tribe. We are always here for you, cheering you on!  

Puppy Application

Are you searching for a furry family member who's got a special touch for comfort and support? We've got just the thing with our Habibi Bears Breeding Program. 😊

Our Puppy Application is designed with care to pair you with a Habibi Bear that's a perfect fit for your lifestyle. It's all about making a heartfelt connection, so share your story with us - every detail helps!

While you can't pick your puppy like you pick apples, we're here to help! We observe our pups closely and use our Habibi Method assessments to match you with a Habibi Bear that'll flourish in your loving home. We look at Traits, Personality, and the unique Healing Power of our puppies. We're excited to learn about your home and help you find a Habibi Bear that's eager to be part of your family.

Ready to take the next step? Just fill out our Puppy Application, and let's embark on this journey to bring a bundle of joy and companionship into your life!

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