Contracts and  Payments

We require payment in full when puppy has been selected.

Convenient Payment Options:
credit card • Apple Pay • Venmo • bank draft via invoice

*Please Note: There is a 3.5% Convenience Fee for all Debit/Credit Card Transactions. Avoid this fee through Venmo, or with a bank draft via invoice.  

We require contracts to be signed at each step of the process to ensure the best outcome for everyone involved. They uphold our guarantees to you as well as outline your obligations to us when purchasing a Habibi Bear.

Below you will see the contracts and payment options for each of the steps in the adoption process. Please fill out and submit you contract by clicking on the contract button below each blue box; then you can submit your payment with the method of your choice.

Adoption balances and training fees are refundable up until you are matched with your puppy.

After that point, the puppy is yours and money is no longer refundable.

reservation fee 


Step 1 is to pay the reservation fee to get added to the paid waiting list. You will go through Habibi University while you wait for selection time.

scan to Pay With Venmo

or go to and pay @Julie-Abou



After you have gone through the selection process, and you know which puppy is yours, it is time to submit the final adoption payment balance.

scan to Pay With Venmo

or go to and pay @Julie-Abou

Pup-Academy training Packages


Adding training packages is easy and customizable!
You can add preset weeks with pre-made packages. Or add on week by week.

scan to Pay With Venmo

or go to and pay @Julie-Abou

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