Bugging Out: Making a Dog Pack for Emergencies

Habibi Bear Teddy Bear Puppy in PNW www.habibibears.comHere in the PNW, the fire season is in full swing and it got us at Habibi Bears, home of the Original Teddy Bear puppies, thinking about being prepared to leave in a hurry with puppies, and how to be ready for that at all times. As much as we would like to file this under “Things we hope will never have to use” it is a wonderful feeling to know you are prepared to care and provide for your lovely little Habibi guy or gal in case of emergencies or evacuations.

Let’s get started! 
Have copies of your dog’s important information in a ziplock bag. This would include your phone number and contact info, other backup emergency numbers along with your Vet’s number, and copies of their medical records and dog license number. This ziplock bag is going to go inside of a ….
Large Backpack with a familiar toy and blanket of your dog. Having something familiar packed away in case of emergency will give your pup something that smells like them or home. We know how amazing and powerful our Habibi Bear puppies' sense of smell is, and taking this tiny step to add a bit of comfort could be the thing that keeps your puppy on an even keel wherever you are. This could even be a sweatshirt of yours or any other scent laden item, the goal here is to provide a cozy odor to calm puppy. 
Other Items in Dog Backpack: Collapsible water and food bowls, extra collar and leash, sturdy chew toys, dog slippers (in case of broken glass or dangerous materials), a tie-down, a pop-up fabric dog carrier, packets of their food and snacks, and a doggie first aid kit. 

First Aid Kits for Dogs can be purchased or assembled yourself if you have the time with the following items: 
  1. Gauze, adhesive tape, and Non-stick bandages. 
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide and Veterycin. We love, love, love Veterycin here at Habibi Bears and we never travel without it. It is non-stinging and non-toxic if licked or ingested. Works well with all animals and can be used on dry skin, hot spots, cuts, sores or even eye injuries. 
  3. Charcoal capsules to absorb any ingested toxins and slow down diarrhea. Before using, get the correct dosage from your vet ahead of any emergency, so you are prepared in advance. We split the capsule depending on the size of the dog. It is odorless, tasteless, and can be dissolved into chicken broth and used with …
  4. Syringes. These are available at pet and feed stores and are really useful to deliver meds by mouth or wash out wounds with purified water. We keep a supply on hand at all times. 
  5. Scissors to cut gauze or bandages. Utility knives are also handy. 
  6. Tweezers and a Tick Tool to remove foreign objects from puppy. 
  7. Soft muzzle, just in case of injury to puppy, some dogs get stressed and lash out in pain. It’s nice to have on hand. 

It is our sincere hope that you and your family never have to evacuate your home in a hurry under any circumstances. But if you do, it is always a fantastic thing to know that your loving little Habibi Bear puppy is ready to roll and get down to action right alongside of you and your family. Stay safe out there, folks. Please let us know what you would add to a Doggie Bug-Out Kit. We love hearing from our amazing Habibi Bear Tribe, and we are always here for you, cheering you on!