Honoring our Habibi Bear puppies: Remember the Basics

Adorable Teddy Bear Puppy in spokane wa. www.habibibears.comIf i told you......

 that my friend has a new baby and after two months, she is disappointed because that baby isn’t following a rigid schedule and she has to change diapers whenever her baby feels like it, you may think that I’ve finally flipped a major cog. If i told you my friend isn’t sure that her baby is a good fit for their home, because the baby cries and wants too much attention and is having trouble, at four months old, focusing on my friend’s demands, you may wonder if my friend has lost all her marbles. 

Puppies are babies on four legs 

Why is it that we have a tendency to forget that puppies are babies? Babies that can walk, but babies nonetheless! When you look at your newest furry member of your family, are you keeping in mind that you are sharing your home with a mammal that has been domesticated and if left to their own devices, would return to a wild state relatively quickly? *(Space Puppies)* Puppies are born after a short gestational period, and are born blind and deaf. They survive thanks to their sense of smell that leads them to their food source (mommy’s milk) and they are literally led by their senses to discover the great big world of wonder all around them.

At Habibi Bears, we have a program to help your transition with your new puppy

 If you are lucky enough to share your home with a little Habibi guy or gal, we have dedicated hours and hours of loving attention and effort to ensure that their transition to your home will be as smooth as developmentally possible.  This takes into account the limits of their ability (are they able?) and capability (can they?) to follow simple requests and commands. Puppies are still in the process of developing self-awareness, self-mastery, self-modulation and self-soothing behaviors when they go to their new homes, where everything that they have learned will need to be relearned, because puppies are spatial learners. They learn by mastering the ability to be aware of their environment and knowledge of the objects around them. New objects and new environments mean puppy restarts his base of knowledge and rebuilds it for the new place they are living in. This is why there are tiny setbacks with new locations, because puppy (re)learns what is acceptable (nope! Can’t pee here !) and unacceptable. 

Be easy on yourself!

If you have brought a Habibi Bear into your family and you’ve only encountered one or two accidents, you are doing fantastic and so is your puppy!  Praise puppy to the skies and be free with the baby voice and tummy scratches! There have been plenty of studies that have demonstrated that praising your dog is as effective as premium (chicken breast or bacon) treats! So be generous with your recognition of the good will effort that puppy is giving you when they are trying to be the bestest boy or bestest girl! Build your bond with your Habibi Bear puppy and be the recipient of the very best love you’ll ever experience on this green earth, the love of a dog for their person. 

we are a team :)

If you need tips, make sure you take a look through our blog archive where you’ll find lots of practical pointers and information that will help you understand your Habibi Bear puppy. If you really want to be in the Doggy Parent Hall of Fame, make sure to check out our awesome Pup Start program which focuses in bond-building and general good vibes all around! If you need help locating qualified trainers or properly raising your dog- remember we would rather know and offer the best references than finding out later about a negative experience. Not all trainers (or veterinarians) are the same!  Drop us a line or DM. We’re always here for you, cheering you on! 

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