Honoring Your Pup’s Uniqueness : The Party Animal & the Fire Element

red and white habibi bear puppy - therapy puppyWe’ve just completed another round of our Habibi Method Evaluations for selections here at the Habibi Bear Central Hub in the beautiful PNW, home of the Original Teddy Bear dog. It is always so exciting to get to watch and tune in to our gorgeous, cuddly Habibi Bear puppies to find out what makes each one tick and discover the secret identity to the little Super Pups they are! This week, we will be introducing you to a couple traits we assess during our in-depth evaluation.  The pup that needs no introduction, because if you’ve got one, these enchanting Habibi guys and gals will take it upon themselves to introduce themselves to You! Yes, that’s right…drumroll please, the Party Animal Pup!

Personality Type

Imagine the fanfare, confetti flying, trumpets blaring, and the Party Animal pup taking a rowsing victory lap around the room. Yes, if you have one of these pups, you well know it! They are the life of the party and everyone’s best friend. In the terms of our Habibi Method evaluation scale, we classify these canine characters as the Bold & Confident personality type. As young pups, these are the ones who often are literally top dog, the top of the dog pile, and have the swagger of a Super Bowl Star Quarterback taking a bow in front of the cameras after a championship win. There isn’t anything that deters these charming fellows, and they are great for families with children, lots of noise, stimulation and chances for constant exploration and discovery. 

All that sassy confidence, sparkling personality and electric energy needs effective channeling into constructive behaviors so that you don’t wake up to find that your Party Animal Puppy hasn’t taken it upon themselves to find sufficient (and possible) inappropriate (ahem!) entertainment by destroying household items or furniture. Honor your Superpup and make sure that you provide enough physical exercise and mental stimulation for your unstoppable Habibi Bear puppy, with plenty of walkies, puzzle food games, and proper supervision to avoid any unfortunate incidents that could be avoided with some planning or preparation. Just like party people, these social butterfly dogs thrive with lots of interaction, human and canine, and may struggle with being left alone for too long a time. Honor your Superpup and make sure if they are left alone, that you provide them with a good chew or a rotated favorite toy to keep them occupied until your awaited return, where you are sure to be greeted with exuberant kisses and happy yelps from your Superpup. Finally, Honor your Superpup by recognizing them for who they are, an adorable Habibi Bear puppy with their own dazzling individual personality with needs and desires all their own. Take the time to learn your Habibi Bear puppy’s Love Language (Doggie Love Language, Jan 2023).

Healing Power

Speaking of Superpups, another aspect of our Puppy Assessment is classified as their Healing Power.  We’ve classifed four Healing Powers and today we are covering the Fire Element. Do you know what your Fire Element puppy’s superpower is once your bond is established? These little winsome Habibi Guys and Gals have the superpower to distract you whenever they sense your mood dipping down or in need of a laugh. They love being tuned into you. They can be  the natural clowns of the bunch, seeking to get you to redirect your attention to them and take life as it comes, one moment at a time. They often will bring a toy to you in order for you to get out of your head and back into the here and now, where the two of you can share fun, laughter and love. 

What kind of pup do you have? Is your Habibi Bear puppy a Party Animal? How has their cheerful and confident personality influenced you to seize the day and enjoy life to its fullest? Drop us a line or leave a comment below, we love hearing from you. As always, we are here for you, cheering you on!