Best Buddies: Establishing a bond with your puppy

Habibi Bear teddy bear puppies for saleIf you haven’t read the blog post from a few weeks ago, (Habibi Hero), you’re missing out on an uplifting and miraculous tale of how one of our superstar pup’s saved their family’s lives and their home. At only five months old, little Honey alerted her family to the dangerous gas that was filling the home after accidentally being turned on. Her knowledge of what was normal in the household and the awesome ability that dog’s have with their sense of smell pushed her to bark and bark until her dad, the person she is bonded to the most, did a walk-through and found out why Honey was in a frantic state.  He knew Honey, and he could tell by the tone of her bark that something was amiss. In short, it was the strength of their shared bond that gives this tale its happy ending.

We can always strengthen the bond we have with our lovely Habibi Bear guys and gals in the simplest of ways: Being present and putting our phone down when we walk them.

Why walking? Walking releases endorphins that give both of you a rush of “feel-good” chemicals delivered to your brain and nervous system, for both you and your puppy. When you are present in the moment and enjoying the full sensations of being outdoors, movement of your body, the fresh air, and being with the puppy you love most in the world, you are setting yourself up for emotional success and a deepening of your shared bond. A dog can tell when you are engaged with it, think about the times you have been on a device and your dog paws at you for attention. One of the best treats you can give your dog is praise and attention, and a walk is a perfect opportunity to do both. On a walk, you can practice sitting and ‘look at me’ and praise to your heart’s content. In fact, a walk can be a treat for your dog in itself. We all recognize the joy and excitement that the word “walk” brings to your dog.  

Being present is also important on a walk in order to scan the area for potentially unwanted situations, so that you and your Habibi Bear puppy aren’t caught off guard and return home safe and sound. This is important during the summer months when we are walking our puppies later in the day to avoid burnt paws due to hot pavement and high temperatures. When we walk at dusk, our chances of running into other wildlife is higher,and no one likes to surprise a skunk or a raccoon, which could be a considerable annoyance or a dangerous encounter, respectively. We don’t need to be anxious, just aware of our surroundings and take the proper precautions to be safe. 

If you are looking for ways to enhance your bond of love with your Habibi Bear puppy, we highly encourage you to check out our Pup Start program, where our focus is on fostering a relationship with your puppy based on mutual respect and deep trust. We know that every one of our pups have the potential to reach the superstar status of Habibi Hero, so reach out and share your stories of how your pup makes the magic happen in your household. 

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