From Hannah’s Heart to Habibi Heroes! Our Pups are Lifesavers

We at Habibi Bears are always in awe of the unique and special qualities of our fabulous furry little Habibi Bear puppies. These are the most intuitive, sensitive, and tuned-in little guys and gals that you’d ever have the pleasure of meeting. Their special characters are one of the reasons that we have established HANNAH'S HEART , our wonderfully generous program to gift our miracle pups to deserving families in need. And it is one of our lovely recent donation puppy’s, Honey (nee Aquaelle) one of Mama Bianca’s girls, who has earned the coveted status of SUPER STAR PUP just last week!

At just five months old, little Honey was gifted through Hannah’s Heart to a local family, where she is quite bonded to her loving dad, who has a luxurious grooming routine established with his precious baby girl- every night he sits her on his lap and brushes her until her coat shines and sparkles. Honey also rides shotgun and accompanies him wherever he goes, including work! Thanks to this awesome bond that has developed between her and her dad, little Honey is well tuned into her home environment and knows when something is amiss. 

Recently, little Honey woke up in a state of extreme distress, barking and whining to wake everyone up. Her dad got up to let her out but she was hesitant to leave through her regular way. She reluctantly returned back to the crate only to become frantic a short while later, barking and refusing to calm herself. When her father walked her through the kitchen, the only route she would take, he noticed that the gas on the cooking range was turned on, and had been on for several hours. The emergency teams were called, and the family made it out to safety. The emergency team leader told Honey’s dad that if they would have stayed inside for 90 more minutes, the whole family would have died in their sleep. Honey’s insistence on waking her father and alerting him to the silent danger in their home makes her this month’s HABIBI HERO!   She saved three human lives, three cats and herself! 

This is only one of the amazing stories that we have received about our wonderful Habibi Bear puppies. If you know of an instance of a super pup in action, please make sure you reach out to us and drop us a line. If you feel inspired by this story, please consider clicking on our sponsor link to help a deserving family receive the gift of a Habibi Bear pup. We want to hear your stories about your puppies and how they are changing lives and creating miracles. We’re always here for you, cheering you on! 

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