Daylight Savings Time Change & Transitioning your Habibi's Feeding Schedules

Oakley Habibi Bear Here at Habibi Bear Pup Academy (Go Bears!) we are all about empowering you to provide the very best experience for your pup and consequently, your entire family. As the weather is undergoing its seasonal transformation and we lose more light of day, our thoughts turn to easing your puppy into a new feeding schedule to make the end of Daylight Savings Time stress free for your puppies. 

Why transition feeding times? 

By using this transitional timing model, your puppy is gradually introduced to their new feeding time, and their stress levels will remain low to non-existent. Low stress levels make for a happier (less clinginess or whining) healthier (no stress related runny stools) pup with a strong immune system and awesome confident attitude! 

This year, the end of Daylight Savings Time will take place on Sunday, November 6, and we will, for most states, be turning our clocks BACK one hour. Listed below is a ten day transition schedule to keep puppy’s stress levels at a minimum. (This also works for cats as well, who are also affected by the change in the amount of daylight).

Transitioning Schedule for 2022 for a normal feeding time of 8am DST/ 5 pm DST

  • Day 1 :  October 27th     8:10 am  & 5:10 pm
  • Day 2 :  October 28th    8:10 am  & 5:10 pm
  • Day 3 :  October 29th    8:20 am  & 5:20 pm
  • Day 4 :  October 30th    8:20 am  & 5:20 pm
  • Day 5:   October 31st     8:30 am  & 5:30 pm
  • Day 6:   November 1st   8:30 am &  5:30 pm 
  • Day 7:   November 2nd  8:40 am & 5:40 pm
  • Day 8:   November 3rd   8:40 am & 5:40 pm
  • Day 9:   November 4th   8:50 am & 5:50 pm
  • Day 10: November 5th   8:50 am & 5:50 pm
  • Day 11:  November 6th   9 am & 6 pm as DST ends

Keep in mind that this is also helpful for any type of changes to your puppy’s schedule, including nap times and bedtime crate times too! If your puppy has been a student at our prestigious Habibi Bear Pup Academy (Go Bears!), he or she is very familiar with a two-day progression schedule, as it is the basis of behavioral training modeling. Slow and steady wins the race and earns the treats ! Hopefully, with the practical use of the above timetable, your pup will sail through the end of Daylight Savings with flags flying and trumpets blaring, like the champion little guys they are. Let us know how it works for you, or if you need help with time zone transition feeding. We’re here for you, always cheering you on! 

We recommend following this schedule for puppies who will be going to a new time zone as well!  For more tips and tricks, subscribe for our weekly updates!