Habibi Heroes: Our Teddy Bear Super Pups To the Rescue!

River the Habibi Hero - Black Tuxedo Miniature Habibi Bear  teddy bear Puppy
If you have been around for a while, you know how we are obsessed with our beautiful, loving, and Brave Habibi Bear puppies! We are! We admit it freely and openly! Here’s another reason why if you haven’t met and brought one of these furry angels into your life, heart or home, you need to consider it. 

Despite their resemblance to walking Teddy Bears, these little Habibi guys and gals have loads of character and heart! We’re bringing you another installment of Habibi Heroes, little pups that saved their pack from danger and near death! 

Our story today is about little River, a black and white Tuxedo gal, who at only one year old, jumped between her human mommy and a venomous Copperhead snake! They had been in their backyard garden, minding their own business and walking around, when River jumped in front of the snake and took the hit on her nose. River’s nose swelled immediately and her mommy rushed her to the vet, where she was given anti-venom meds, antibiotics, IV pain meds and monitored for a straight 48 hours while she fought for her life. It was touch and go for over twelve hours until the next morning, when the vet called her mom and reported on what a fighter little River was! Despite her fragile state, River quickly became the vet office favorite, snuggling on multiple laps while in their care, where the vet techs and office help commented on her loving temperament and fighting spirit. They called her a tough little cookie. They were in awe of River and her feat of bravery! What could have been a tragedy instead became a story of how one little pup’s love for her human brought her through a near-experience and on the other side into our Habibi Hero Hall of Fame! 

River’s story reminds me of our Habibi Bear Love Spell 

Are you ready? 
Close your eyes
Come with me 

Hold my hand, speak in rhyme
Walk together, speak in rhyme 
A magic place where we will find
Furry angels gentle and kind

Underneath the shady trees 
Butterflies, birds, the hum of bees
Ladies and Gentlemen, if you please
The fluffy, fuzzy Habibis

Warriors by day 
Angels by night
Noble of heart Strong of might
Sent to you 
By heaven above
To fill your heart
And home with love

Are you looking for a support dog? Our Habibi Bear puppies are the ultimate Teddy Bear puppies, they’re the dogs you’ve always dreamed of! Reach out to us and find out why our Habibi Bears are the Teddy Bears you’ve always wanted, and make your dreams of love and support come true. Our support and resources are unparalleled, and our dedication to our families is unrivaled. Check out our Instagrams and see for yourself the cuteness overload that is a Habibi Bear pup, the ultimate Teddy Bear dog. And if you have an inspiring and miraculous story about your Super Pup, make sure you let us know by reaching out to us and sharing your story. It could be a story of staying by your side while you were sick, or the more miraculous examples, like River and Honey, the dog who saved her family from a gas leak. We’re always here for you, cheering you on!  Until next week, Habibi Bear Tribe ❤

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