Frequently Asked Questions 

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Frequently  Asked Questions

Should we choose a boy or girl?
Choose the PERSONALITY and temperament that fits with your family! You will have a wonderful, loyal, and happy fur kid if you spay or neuter!

This question is asked more than any other! There are many confusing answers to this question, and just as many different opinions! Here is our answer. Both males are females are wonderful companions—there is no difference between a neutered male or spayed female dog. If you have them spayed/neutered at 4 or 5 months of age—before the hormones come in, you will have a perfect companion.

The most common complaint about male dogs is the territorial marking, or lifting their leg in the house. This is completely eliminated by neutering at the age of 4-5 months. The male pup will continue to squat to urinate, just like a female, and will not start the naughty habit of lifting his leg in the house. The female doesn't have the hormones to cause heat cycles, which also eliminates the territorial behaviors, fear of pregnancy, and messes associated with an un-spayed female. So you ask which sex do I prefer? I say either!
One Puppy or Two?
This question is asked second to which sex is best. We feel two dogs is wonderful for the dogs, but bringing home littermates has its own challenges. It isn't out of the question, as we have many seasoned pet owners who insist on adopting two litter mates.  But for those inexperienced, it is always advised to adopt one and then bring a second home later.

I thought I would answer that question right here on the site for those considering adopting two puppies. This is a complicated question and really is a case to case basis on which route is best to take.  Two puppies can keep each other company during the day, which means less destructive behavior while you are away.  Not to mention, they don't get lonely.  It is a fact, that if you bring home two puppies at the same time, they will be bonded and you won't have the integration issues you find when adding a puppy to your family at a later date, however it comes with an additional responsibility to train them separately and being aware of sibling rivalry that is very common with litter mates. Litter mates play rough and be prepared to break up the scuffle sometimes.  Time apart is always good for them to bond individually with the humans as well.   Be sure you have time, or if you have a family—everyone spends one-on-one time with each dog.

Here are some more pros about owning two dogs:
• Two dogs keep each other entertained and exercised—they are less likely to exhibit destructive behavior due to boredom, such as chewing furniture 
• The first day in their new home is a breeze, as they don't experience any separation anxiety—they brought their litter mate with them! 
• We hear from our families that it's easier to train the puppies because they burn off all that playful energy with each other and are more focused when they are with their humans.  Making a calmer easier going companion. 
• Dogs housed together have a companion, and are less likely to develop weight issues, they play! 
• The extra dog doesn't require much more work than just having one, and they learn together. 
• They provide social and mental stimulation - not to mention they are a blast to watch! 
• Dogs will live longer and remain youthful and playful with positive interaction with a house-mate. We feel in the case of dogs—two is better than one and depending on your personal situation, the  deciding factor is if you are experienced in raising dogs and have the time to dedicate to training them separately so they learn to bond to their humans as much as they are bonded to each other. If not, then we recommend adopting one and when it is the dog you want it to be, bring home the second.  

FACT: An anti cruelty law was passed in Switzerland requiring citizens purchasing dogs and cats to buy two, instead of one. They realize the importance of stimulation for these animals, maybe we should too. We are more than happy to help you choose the best puppies for your family, and if you are bringing in a second dog, please let us know the personality as we do personality and temperament testing and can recommend the best fit for YOUR home.
How much does it cost to adopt a Habibi?
Please check our Investment for current pricing! 
How do I adopt a puppy?
We typically work on a referral basis from our previous clients and therapists. For those that are new to the breed, please be sure to read the site to familiarize yourself with our breeding program and practices.  We are very small and the wait can be long, but the puppies are worth the wait.  In order to raise the quality of puppies that our families have come to expect,  we do have limited litters.  Feel free to email for current wait times.  Typically when we re-open the waiting list, it will fill up quickly.  

If you planning ahead and understand that we are ultimately in the hands of mother nature as far as litter timing-- the first step is to introduce yourself and fill out our adoption application on the site.  Once approved, a NON-REFUNDABLE reservation fee will be required to reserve your place on the waiting list.
If I change my mind, can I get my reservation fee back?
All reservation fees are non-refundable under any circumstance.   If you have been approved for the waiting list and submitted your reservation fee, this is your commitment to us, and we are equally committed to your family. 
How can we receive our puppy?
We plan a special delivery trip to all Western Wa and Northern Or families!  This is our way of ensuring the puppies all have a safe journey and we also get to meet our families, too!  If you live long distance, we can arrange a puppy nanny service to deliver to you, or most families   fly into one of the nearby airports and pick up their puppy.  If we can arrange this on delivery day, we can meet at Seatac in Seattle.  During the week it will depend on schedules and where we happen to be at the time.  We can discuss this when its time! 
Where are you located?
We are in the PNW, we have two homes-- one in Eastern Wa, one on the Oregon Coast. Depending on the time of year, we can be at either location.  We always plan our delivery trips per litter-- so we have you covered!
How do we select our puppy?
Our  Adopt  Page on the site explains the process in detail!  It's a fun process- we take pictures of the puppies when they are ready to be selected, after vet exams and completed assessments.   Our breed is raised with service and therapy in mind, so we have a very unique process in how we raise our puppies and match them to their homes.  Our focus is on temperament, our unique assessment is very telling of who the puppy is and where it’s gifts lie.  I’ve developed my own algorithm to properly assess their strengths and recommend which home would best suit the puppy.  The percentages are from over 30 years experience in developing sound puppies and placing them in the appropriate home for them.   We offer training options to our families, and unparalleled support. 
How long is the typical wait for a puppy?
When you submit your application to us, we will reply with the current availability and wait times.  This can fluctuate throughout the year, as we are ultimately dealing with Mother Nature, so it's not a cut and dry process.   Of course if a family has a specific service need, this is something we have to be patient to wait for the right puppy to fill those shoes.  We do have many families that decide to wait for a different litter, and in that event we always contact the waiting list to let them know.  So there is always an opportunity to adopt sooner!  Remember, that if you waive your option to select,  that could mean a longer wait (if you are waiting for a particular color especially)-- we have no control of litter timing, size or colors.  While we do our best to have estimated timeframes, we are always in the hands of Mother Nature.   Sometimes heat cycles can run late, or a skipped heat, breeding resulting in no pregnancy.  All of these situations are out of our hands and when you join the waiting list, that means you accept these factors and are willing to wait for your time to select.   We do expect our families to understand this.  We can't force nature! We promise, they are sooo worth the wait!
Do you have a guarantee?
Yes indeed we do!  We stand behind our dogs, and offer a 5 year guarantee against life threatening illnesses.  
I want to bring home a puppy, but have no time to train it?
Do you want a puppy but don't feel you have the skills or knowledge to train it properly?  Pup Academy is your solution.  Your new puppy will arrive pre-trained and ready to join your family with minimal effort on your part.  Now you can have the best of both worlds, and finally have that happy ending you always dreamed of without most of the early hassles of bringing home a new puppy.  Choose the level of training that fits your family's needs!  From 2 weeks to 16 weeks! 
The goal is to help you skip the most challenging dog behavior stages ( scheduling, crate training, puppy crying at night, teething & potty training) so you have a puppy with good behavior and a reliable schedule when it joins your family! 
Our Academy is ideal for:
Families who value the results of a well trained dog and choose to have their dog trained professionally

New dog owners who do not feel they are equipped to provide adequate training for a well adjusted puppy

Families with work schedules that make potty training/all-day supervision in the beginning difficult
Busy mothers with small children who are teething and potty training too! 

Families with special needs, who feel unable to keep up with the demands of a young puppy

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