A breed designed with the aid of modern science!

The Habibi  is  the perfect allergy-friendly family dog, with a very special job title....

We wanted a breed that will perform naturally as an Emotional Support and Therapy dog for our clients with Autism and Special Needs.  We also needed the dog to be compact, so it can go everywhere we go, keep up with our active outdoor lifestyle, yet be perfectly content to have a day indoors, while being hypo-allergenic, non-shedding... a tall order, eh? Well, we found we were not alone in these desires.  Like us, many families wanted to downsize to a smaller breed without sacrificing the personality and agility of their large breed. They didn't want a shedding dog, and family wants to take their dog to work, on the airplane, camping and Starbucks! Most small breeds are dainty and frail, not made for the lifestyle of an active family with children, so where did that leave us?  


All dog breeds known to mankind originated from the hybridization, or crossing of two or more breeds.  The first  two breeds are referred to as the 'Parent  Breeds', and the addition of more breeds are referred to as, 'Infusions'. Infusions are chosen to balance the breeding, diversify the gene pool and correct faults.  The resulting progeny can then be bred back to one parent breed to 'set' the line, called 'Back Breeding'.


The exact origin and history of most pure breeds is obscure at best, but not so for our beloved Habibi.  The Habibi's development has been carefully monitored and recorded from the beginning and has a unique DNA all it's own.  In the beginning we started with the Schnoodle, and over the years with the addition of infused bloodlines we created the Habibi Bear.  Each infused breed was used to help stabilize characteristics we liked, correct flaws, and introduce a new gene pool to the breed--resulting in increased genetic diversity and hybrid vigor.  This is the method used to create all pure breeds we see today, however, sadly, the modern methodology of breeding pure breeds does not allow  infusing.  Most clubs have closed their stud books, meaning breeds are not allowed to have the addition of other breeds into their lines to increase their gene pools when needed, or correct faults or health issues that can negatively effect a breed after years of inbreeding and line breeding.  This contributes to the increase of health issues in any particular breed, due to lack of genetic diversity, or simply, lack of unrelated breeding pairs.   This is one of the many reasons we chose to develop our own breed. For more information visit our Hybrid Vigor Page.


"After carefully selecting the perfect breeds to develop our line,

we then fully heath screen every potential parent before breeding them.  Each adult must pass all health clearances to be used in our

breeding program."


The Habibi Bear Magic

With the successful addition of our breed infusions to compliment our line, we have made a point to maintain the highest level of hybrid vigor by never doubling up on any gene (aka breed). This is the Magic of our specialty line of Habibi Bears, and our unique breeding method.  We have an amazing array of healthy DNA on both female and male side of our dogs, and our Habibi Bears have been carefully designed, much like a fine piece of artwork.


Complete with the infusion of all breeds, our Habibi Bears exhibit their own traits, just as any purebreed dog with multiple breed infusions in the background!


"Of course, the exact percentages and how we infused the breeds together to create the Habibi Bear is proprietary information---the end result is stealing the hearts of everyone they meet."


Breeds that make up the Habibi

Miniature & Toy Poodle & Miniature Schnauzer  (Both traditional and new colors.  Original Parent Breed)

  • Effervescent, engaging personality

  • Loyalty and Obedience

  • Intelligence

  • Natural agility

  • Easy to train

  • Soft, curly hypoallergenic Coat adds body and wave to the puppy's coats


Bichon Family Breeds 

(Bichon, Coton de Tulear, Havanese  or Maltese)

  • Diversify gene pool with the excellent health of the rare gene pools

  • Lovely expression with large eyes and wide face, short nose set

  • Sweet, sparkling personality and family friendly breed

  • Soft fleece coats

  • Improve the earset of our dogs

  • Introduce the compact framework and cobby structure we prefer

  • Known for excellent hypoallergenic coat

  • Introduce new color patterns

  • Known to make excellent therapy dogs and wonderful with children


Shih Tzu & Pekingese

  • Correct the pointy face and create a more rounded teddy bear expression with round expressive eyes

  • Happy go lucky attitude and family friendly breed

  • Improve coat density and coarseness of the Schnauzer with the soft silky non-shed coat

  • Cobby Structure and thick boning to correct long legs

  • Long lifespan

  • New color patterns

  • Diversify gene pool further


The Standard Habibi Bear Line  (Rare new bloodlines from both Poodle, Aussie  and  Schnauzer lines)

  • Effervescent, engaging personality

  • Loyalty and Obedience

  • Intelligence

  • Natural agileness

  • Easy to train

  • Soft, curly hypoallergenic Coat

  • New colorations including Parti Color and the Confetti Gene


Meet The Habibi Bear

Our breed is now complete.  We have improved faults and stabilized positive traits. The original parent breeds were infused with new DNA, and therefore, the Habibi Bear is no longer a 'cross breed'.  It is it's own breed that has been reliably producing our Habibi ' Type' for generations.


The Habibi  is now it's own breed that we are proud to be owned and loved by!   

After carefully monitoring each breeding, and infusing the appropriate qualities to correct faults, we have been able to improve areas that were lacking, while maintaining the positive traits.  The breed has it's own DNA signature and is consistent in quality.  What was once a first generation  inconsistent, cross, is now infused with lovely qualities from extremely rare or healthy gene pools, to create a wonderful family companion. 


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