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Training Options

Happily Ever After Starts Here!

We know training can be intimidating and what hold's back many families from adding a puppy to their family.  We’ve made sure you have great training options and support available to you, with every one of our Habibi Bear Puppies.  We created our flagship program with you in mind and can't wait for you to experiencing the Magic a Habibi will bring to your life!

Pup Start Charm School

Giving your pup
 a head start!

Our training line-up is based on a dog-raising philosophy we call The Habibi Method: the Intuitive Approach to Raising High Vibe Puppies.
This approach to training is a paradigm shift. It's simple, heart-centered and has the power to change your relationship with your dog for life!

Why do we start here instead of with traditional methods of training obedience sits and downs?  Because without establishing a bond with your new puppy, training isn't as effective.  Introducing our "pupular' in-house enrichment program, created especially for YOU.  Our philosophy and program give our families the best of both worlds; a skillfully handled transition to crate training & scheduling and a complete relationship-building system to follow at home, without missing out on those early bonding moments with your new puppy.      
We offer this additional service - here in our Habibi Enrichment Center - where your puppy never leaves our loving care, ensuring you & puppy's beginning transition is flawless.  The Habibi Method is about developing a language with your puppy and creating a lasting bond through relationship building activities.  No more stressful training schedules that fritz out you and your puppy, no more feeling guilty about not doing things right!  Just an intuitive practice that is a bond-building, immersive, organic lifestyle. We value the importance of establishing the early bond with your puppy, and we created this exclusive program to meet your family's needs.  
Pup Start -Follow up Zoom Call  & Text Line Support comes 
with every Pup Start puppy!

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Online Courses & Books

Featuring the Habibi Method
The intuitive approach to raising high vibe puppies. 

“It’s not a dog's job to fulfill our expectations. It’s our responsibility as their guardians to help them reach their full potential.”

Learn to speak Dog, with our fun and intuitive approach. Finally, a dog-led program with a focus on connection and relationship building rituals that will elevate your partnership with your new companion.


Our Foundation Program for our Habibi Bear Tribe. Created to help you in preparing for your new puppy to arrive - We've created this portal to guide you step by step through all questions you have about bringing home your new family member. 

  • Preparing for your puppy
  • Family Meeting
  • Doggy Body Language : How to learn to speak dog!
  • Choosing your veterinarian
  • Medical protocols & Natural Rearing
  • The Communication Trinity
  • Structuring your day
  • Shopping lists
  • Sneak Peek of our Power of Three Rituals in our Human's Guide to the Dog Galaxy Program.
  • and more.......

This course will help take the stress out of planning, and give you the tools to feel confident as a new puppy parent!

Free with Reservation Fee

the human's guide to the Dog Galaxy

A new little alien has just joined your family and it doesn't speak your language! Finally a program that answers all those new puppy raising questions.  With this course you will be in the driver's seat!  With comprehensive guides and gentle practices to take the focus off of what you don't want and have more time enjoying your puppy!

  • The Power of Three Rituals
  • Relationship building protocols
  • The un-training Method of co-living with your dog and establishing an unshakable bond based on respect and heart centered love ~vs~ antiquated dominance entraining methods.
  • Management & Life Skills 
  • Puppy Biting Phases
  • Compassionate Crate Training
  • House-training protocols
  • Complete with flowcharts and steps to make the process so easy anyone can be a 'trainer'!
or FREE with Pup Start Training

Therapy Dog Preparation Course

Become someone's dream team and make a lasting impact in your community.  
Our online therapy dog preparation program will teach you how to train your canine companion into a skilled therapy animal.  This engaging and interactive course is tailored for dog owners who seek to harness the healing power of their dog to bring comfort, joy, and companionship to those in need.
With the guidance of step-by-step lessons, you will learn how to train your dog so that he or she is friendly, patient and confident when visiting hospitals, classrooms, nursing homes, courtrooms and for medical practices.
At the end of our self-paced therapy dog training course, you and your dog will be ready to enter a certification program through which you can become certified as a therapy team.  By working together to provide companionship and unconditional love to those who need it, you can bring about transformative change in others.

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Support Services

Feeling overwhelmed? We have your back, friend! Wherever you are in your journey, we are here for you every step of the way to 
provide unparalleled support for you and your pup.

Introductory call 

Schedule your 15 minute call to answer any questions you may have before joining the waiting list.

Available : Tues - Thurs PST

Puppy Parenting Coaching Calls

With Julie, the Puppy Parenting Coach.

Our support calls help empower you as the amazing puppy parent you are!  We  discuss our Habibi Method Program each week and how to implement the strategies into your routines.  Troubleshooting and Q &A sessions at the end of the call. 

FREE Follow up Puppy Parenting Coaching Calls & Text Line Support included with every Pup Start puppy & Purchase of the Human's Guide to the Dog Galaxy Course

Energy Healing Sessions

Book a session with Julie to align and clear imbalances and blockages on an energetic level to support both you and your dog in your healing journey.  
Your session will come with homework to complete the energy exchange and bring full healing and awareness at a soul level.

Available Mondays

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