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Training Courses

We know training can be intimidating and that a well-trained dog makes all the difference when bringing a dog into your home. We’ve made sure you have great training options and support available to you.

Habibi University

The Habibi Puppy Prep Portal - designed to get you ready to welcome a Habibi into your family! Complete with a downloadable guidebook, resource links, and continuing education course.

This course answers all the questions our new adoptive families have with tried and true methods for training and pup-raising hacks, that we share with our adoptive families.  
We require our families to take this course as a condition of our guarantee contract. they are well versed in the developmental phases  and have realistic expectations for when their puppy arrives. Enjoy!

Once you are on our paid waiting list you will be able to enroll in this course. Until then you can see an overview of the topics covered below.

Habibi Pup Academy

How perfect would it be to get your new puppy and not have to spend all the time with the initial training of your new family member?

Our in-house training helps you skip the most challenging dog behavior stages—scheduling, crate training, crying at night, teething & potty training—so you have a puppy with good behavior and a reliable schedule when it joins your family! 

We are working hard to bring you a follow-along course for Pup Academy in 2022. Currently, when your pup is enrolled in the academy we will keep you up to date each week via email.

To read more information about Habibi Pup Academy click the button below.


Support Services

Feeling overwhelmed? We got your back, Friend! Wherever you are in your journey, we are here for you every step of the way to provide unparalleled support for you and your pup.

Introductory call 

Schedule your 15 minute call to answer any questions you may have before joining the waiting list.

Available : Tues - Thurs PST

Private training Sessions

Book your training call to go over any questions or obstacles that you are experiencing with your training. We offer 30 and 60 minute private sessions with our Habibi dog behaviorist, Emily.

Available: Daily by appointment

Energy Work Sessions

Book an energy healing session with Julie to align and clear imbalances and blockages on an energetic level.

Available Mondays

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