In the News: Hannah’s Heart Paws for Empowerment, Brings Cute, Kind, and Cuddly Life-Saving Dogs for Kids with Special Needs

More than being adorable, these Habibi Bears are bred with the purpose of saving lives.

A dog is a man’s best friend, as the saying goes. True enough, there are many great stories about how these four-legged creatures show their love for and loyalty to their humans. And these stories never fail to tug at someone’s heart.
While dogs have always been one of the best pets, they have also been one of the greatest animal helpers of humans. There are dog breeds that are bred to do certain things. Some help in herding farm animals. Others work in law enforcement and help in identifying bombs and illegal substances, finding missing people and crime scene evidence, as well as protecting people and attacking criminals. And still, there are those who train to help persons with disabilities and provide support and assistance in therapy.
One such breed is the Habibi Bear.
The Habibi Bear breed was developed in 1989 exclusively to support children with disabilities, by a teacher for her own students. Julie, CEO and founder of the Habibi Bear Family Brands recognized that most service dogs were breeds that are developed for other purposes, were not allergy friendly, and had low success rates in completing service training. She started out using rescues, other breeds and found the same results. Many of these dogs ended up washing out before completion of the training. Without knowing the background of the rescues it was clear training needed to start earlier. Julie decided to breed the specific traits for her client’s needs and develop an advanced puppy curriculum to set the puppies up for success from birth, as potential service dogs. Thus the Habibi Bear was born. These dogs are beautiful, intuitive, have strong bonding instincts with human, and are allergy-friendly.
It is Julie’s passion and commitment to provide life-giving assistance to those in need of quality service dogs that led her to establish the Habibi Bear Family Brands, a complete resource to furnish “purpose bred dogs for a purpose led life.” The Habibi Bear Family brand is three-fold and consists of raising their Habibi Bear dogs, the education for their service & therapy Habibi Bear puppies through the Pup Academy, and the Hannah’s Heart – Paws for Empowerment Foundation, which grants a way for those who need a Habibi Bear service dog to receive one, and an avenue for others to support the movement and pay it forward.
In addition, Pup Academy provides basic and continuing dog education, positive reinforcement training support, and advanced puppy curriculum available to all families who have been fortunate enough to adopt a Habibi Bear puppy. Lifetime support and continued mentoring is just one of the ways that through continued education, the bonds between owner and a Habibi Bear service dog can expand and the love can deepen, leading to happier, healthier lives for all involved.
According to Julie, the Habibi Bear dogs are “purpose-bred dogs for a purpose-led life.” Julie added that knowing this, the team behind Habibi Bears is “passionate about their dogs and dedicated to our clients” that is why every service dog it provides can restore quality of life by offering companionship, independence, and lifesaving support. Most of its Habibi Bears are now assisting in doctor’s offices, classrooms, nursing homes, hospitals, people with disabilities, and even in courtrooms and disaster sites.
The professionals at Habibi Bears LLC not only match their Habibi Bear puppies to their clients, but they also provides life-saving dogs to the financially challenged through their Hannah’s Heart – Paws for Empowerment charity program. To know more about the Habibi Bears Family Brands, visit
About Habibi Bears
Habibi Bears LLC is a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing the best service, training, and care for service, autism support, diabetic alert, and therapy Habibi Bear dogs. The team offers hands-on training and support to its clients and matches the perfect puppy to their homes.

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