Beatrix Potter Litter Selection & BIG Announcement!

Hello Habibi Family,

Litter Updates

It's hard to believe that its already time to begin our selection for our Medium (mini) Beatrix Potter  and I know they have been a long time coming!  This is Gemma and Beethoven's last litter and they did not disappoint!  What a wonderful variety of temperaments, amazing assessments for support work...and their markings!  Every puppy is totally unique as they are on the inside.  Come take a peek!  For those who know and love our dear Gemma's babies, this is your last chance to bring home one of these magical puppies.   If you feel connected to one and want to join in the selection, you can submit the request puppy form and list your favorites in order.  I will begin matching up everyone this evening. Our Small litters have arrived, and their details have been updated on our Puppies page.   This is where I list all planned litters and dates, for your reference.   

Introducing Hannah's Heart

This is so near and dear to my heart, and I am excited to announce our new program at Habibi Bears!  The new home for Hannah's Heart is almost complete, and can be Found Here!  A charity to support children who have to testify in court by providing trained support dogs to accompany them in the witness stand, as they testify.   We've seen how magical our dogs are at providing that unparalleled emotional support, and what better way for our dogs to shine than with a child in such a vulnerable position.  We are still putting the final touches on our new home for Hannah's Heart and  will be ready to launch in the coming months.  If you enjoy working with your dog and would like to sign up to be part of our volunteer teams, we are accepting Volunteer Application now.   As an additional support to these families, we are also donating handpicked puppies for our training program that will be gifted to a disadvantaged family in need.  We have given one of our trained Habibi Bears to a special family in 22 and look forward to bringing more children together with their very own Habibi Bear in the coming years.  We also are accepting applications to receive a support dog (either as a volunteer basis for your child when they testify in court, police interviews, therapy sessions - or to receive a Habibi Bear for your family to support you during this process.)  If you or someone you know could benefit from this life-saving service, we invite you to Apply Here 

We are so excited for the future of Habibi Bears, and the opportunity to provide support and love to those in need, in Habibi Bear fashion.  These dogs never cease to amaze me with their beautiful souls.... what a gift to know and love them.  
Until next time,