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Habibi University: Foundations

Puppy Prep course - before your Habibi Bear comes home - for our Paid Waiting List.


Welcome to Habibi University

As an adoptive family of Habibi Bears, we have a training area that is especially for you!

After many years of trial and error, we have found some tried and true methods for training puppies that we share with our adoptive families.

As you are awaiting the arrival of your new Habibi Puppy, these are some documents that will be an excellent resource for you with your preparations. We encourage our families to spend time reviewing our training pages so they are well versed in the developmental phases and have realistic expectations for when their puppy arrives. Enjoy!


Welcome to Habibi University: Foundations

This is your first stop before all the lessons. Come back here to review your downloads and shopping lists for preparing for your puppy.

Structuring Your Day

Before your Habibi joins your home, let's discuss how to best prepare for your new schedule with your puppy.

Healthy Exercise

Let's talk about your growing puppy and age appropriate exercise to prevent injury

Natural Rearing Protocols

Our Mission is to raise vital, happy, intuitive, high vibe dogs that bring their human family a lifetime of joy! The main idea of the Natural Rearing program is to build up a resilient immune system. A dog with this strong system is better able to handle all disease, viruses and parasites internally.

Fear Imprint Phases

Empower not Enable!
One of the developmental phases puppies go through are Fear Imprint Phases. Handling this successfully will build confidence in your puppy, and an ability to overcome any obstacles.

Bringing Your Habibi Bear Home

Ignore at your own Peril Protocols

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