We're proud to say we're raising our puppies the 'Habibi Method ' way! 
As a teacher with a background in working with children with special needs and disabilities, I am a firm believer in the benefits of proper socialization and age appropriate education.  When it comes to my puppies, I follow the same philosophies!  This helps us in our pursuit of producing puppies with strong bonding instincts with humans.

Everyone that meets our puppies says they are the friendliest and sweetest dog they have ever seen.  Families write me daily telling me they cannot walk down the street without being stopped by people marveling over their Habibi and asking where to get one.  We have oodles of letters from trainers and vets who are very impressed with the work we have done to prepare our pups for their next step in life.  Receiving these letters and calls truly make my heart swell with pride.  I am so very proud of my little dogs and how they are changing lives, one tail-wag and lick at a time! 

We're Proud to say we raise our puppies with the"Habibi Method "!
We have poured our heart and soul into our little Habibi's, and our tried and true socialization program has been what we feel, sets  our dogs apart from kennel raised puppies; creating healthy, happy and highly intelligent puppies.  It takes time and dedication to rear such special babies.  As a teacher, I am always searching for new methods and ideas on this subject of animal socialization, and we have carefully created our own method with our puppies.
















New- Habibi University

We have been raising our litters  with this philosophy for many years, and we know from experience it works!   The system gives our puppies  and you the best start possible.

As the puppies grow and we work our way through our socialization program we will provide an opportunity to  learn how to work with your new puppy in your home.  You will have lessons to continue at home with your Habibi Bear, and can follow right along, without losing your puppy's socialization skills!

Our program is a two part system that involves two dedicated parties for guaranteed success.  US and YOU!  That's right.  We provide the groundwork using our effective process that instills strong bonding instincts.  Then, when you bring home your puppy, we give you our hand-written instructions to follow-up with at home, thus completing our program and then you have your own well mannered and socialized Habibi Bear puppy!

We believe that each and every puppy deserves the best start we can give it, in order for it to be the best puppy for our very discriminating families.  We are front-runners in the field of puppy socialization and rearing. Our goal is to produce loving, intelligent puppies with strong bonding instincts, so they can perform in the most important role-- a therapy or emotional support companion for a child with Special Needs. This is the very reason we choose to breed only a select few litters a year.  Our litters are carefully planned and raised, and we spend countless hours interacting, handing, and observing our puppies.  The success of this program is evident in our strong, thriving, and extremely social puppies.  Don't settle for run of the mill when choosing your next puppy!

{Our Part: STEP 1}
Every puppy is raised using the following socialization methods::

0 - 2 Weeks Old


  • Early Neurological Stimulation using the Bio Sensor method

  • Introducing Nail Trimming

3 Weeks Old

  • Startle and Recovery

  • Socialization With New People

  • Weaning

  • Puppy Recall

  • Time Alone

  • Body Handling and Grooming

  • The Habibi Method™ of potty Training---our unique whelping and play area, modeled after Wolves.

4 Weeks Old

  • Move to a Larger Pen

  • Introduce Other Pets

  • Introduce Challenges

  • Introduce the Clicker

  • Box Games

  • Start Manding

5 Weeks Old

  • All About Fear Periods

6 & 7 Weeks Old

  • Adult Recall

  • Puppy Party

  • Resource Guarding

  • Biting

  • Temperament Testing

8 - 12 Weeks Old (Release date is selected when the litter is fully ready, and will be listed on their Litter Page)

  • Puppies Go To Their New Homes!


Our puppies are not raised in a kennel, but in our homes, here they are taught from birth using our tried and true Habibi Method™ of potty training.  After years of working with puppies and studying canine development, we have designed a new whelping box and that encourages pups to use a designated area for pottying, sleeping, eating and play.

In addition, pups receive scheduled daily playtime in our homes; kitchen and house exploration, as well as our own obstacle courses created just for them.  They are closely monitored for accidents and immediate corrections. We never give pups full access to the house without supervision (and we highly encourage families to follow the same process for success).  This reinforces our philosophy of keeping an immaculate area for the pups to learn and explore safely.   We are devoted to our puppies and feel this is the best way to produce quality puppies.  There is not one single household sound that these puppies have not experienced in their formative weeks.  They are handled by people of all ages, touched from nose to tail, and are very familiar with human touch.  All puppies have received our utmost attention to their development and growth, cleanliness and nutrition, schedules and potty training.  That is our promise!  Don't believe us?  Take a moment to read through the letters from our Happy Tails pages.  Everyone reports back to us to say each person who encounters our puppies is absolutely amazed at how socialized and friendly they are.   That doesn't happen this often by chance.  That is the result of the dedication we show to our puppies and our families.


Your puppy will be desensitized to the following sounds:


  • sirens

  • children playing & screaming

  • veterinarian's office

  • traffic

  • groomer

  • normal home sounds

  • television

  • various other animal sounds

  • radio/music

  • gunshots

  • fireworks

  • large airport

  • thunderstorms

  • kennel sounds

  • machines & tools found in garage

  • train track sounds & whistle

  • infants crying

  • small airport

  • typical day camp noises

  • various other sounds pup will encounter in a lifetime

Sound socialization training  makes a positive impact on the quality of life for your new puppy. Your puppy will learn to accept and be perfectly at ease with sounds in general.  They will not be fearful, nervous, or uncomfortable by environmental sounds or stimuli once they are ready to go home with you!

You’re Part: Step 2
{Your first step while awaiting puppy} This is going to help set you up for success! Knowing your game plan ahead of time is what sets apart the successful families and those that have issues with the transition.  Puppies cry, bite, have accidents and many other things....but if you already know ahead of time to expect this and how to handle the issues as they arise, you will feel empowered and prepared! 

When you bring your puppy home, you will receive our Habibi Puppy Manual™ which contains your written instructions for success!   This is your handbook for raising your Habibi Puppy.    We have taken the time to detail everything you need to take over the reigns as your puppy's pack leader.  Now it is UP TO YOU to make it work.  We have detailed all the areas of raising a puppy to guarantee success.

Your Habibi Puppy Manual™ Includes:


  • First Day Home

  • Vaccination and medical records

  • Guarantee

  • Housebreaking 101

  • Simple Dog Commands

  • Two-Week House Breaking Method   and The Habibi Bear  7 Day Crate Training Schedule

  • Socialization Schedule

  • Canine Growth Chart

  • Grooming and Feeding instructions.......and more!



Puppy Obedience and Kindergarten Classes for the Family:
We highly recommend the Doggy Dan training, and its online.  Training is important for you and your dog. Start early - we recommend Puppy Kindergarten when your puppy is settled in at home and has received all of his/her puppy immunizations.  Early intervention is crucial for socialization and education, and its fun!

There are many reasons to invest in training, here are just a few:


  1. Training is not just for puppy, it is for YOU!  A well trained dog loses its skills if they are not properly applied

  2.  A way to bond as a family with your puppy

  3. Being involved in a puppy training class not only trains the puppy, but it helps the humans in the family learn together how to train their new puppy APPROPRIATELY

  4. Learn through experience, the right and wrong way to discipline your puppy, with a trainer to oversee your progress

  5. If you are having any behavior issues, the trainer can assist you and help you nip them in the bud as they are starting

  6. Most importantly---we feel every family should experience how to train a pup the good old fashioned way---through work and daily practice.  There are some things in life that just cannot be bought for a price.  The experience and bonding you will receive from puppy class is priceless.

Training is an on-going commitment.

We firmly believe in Basic and Advanced training courses as a follow-up to Puppy Kindergarten.


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