Puppy Request

Puppy Request

This form is where you will submit your choices for your puppy!  In the comment section below, please order them 1-3 in preference.  
We allow 24 hours for everyone to submit their choices, and then we begin matching everyone up:

1) In order of reservation fee date (Paid Waiting List)
2) Remaining spots will be offered to those not on the waiting list, in order received.
          If you make the list,  your next steps are to submit an Adoption Application and reservation to hold your puppy 

Submit Your Request

If you are interested in this puppy, you can submit your request here, and our staff will confirm your request and a phone call will be scheduled.

A family must have an adoption application on file and reservation fee in place in order to be considered in the matchmaking process.  

Do not submit a request if you are not committed or ready to adopt, as we are committed to providing adoption counseling to each and every client and appreciate the same level of respect for our time.  Requests with no replies, change of mind or ghosting, not only negatively impact our process but ultimately hold back our puppies, as we honor these requests in good faith, and turn away other potential families.  
This may result in being denied to adopt a Habibi Bear in the future.

We appreciate your understanding, and look forward to serving you!

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