Service Dog Training vs Companion Dog Training: Learn More

In this article we will discuss how one should determine the best training for their pup. Do you need service dog training or companion dog training? Keep reading to learn more.

In an ideal world, life would be smooth and tranquil and we would have time for every task we need to accomplish. This would include the undertaking of the continuing training of your Habibi Bear puppy and which educational path you choose for your home. Companion dogs have different expectations than service and therapy dogs. As a service dog, you will need to be prepared for what it takes to complete this task, including maintaining the educational track that our Pup Academy  dog behavior teams have started. 

When learning more about service dog training, it’s important to review and understand your own capabilities first. 

Here are some things to consider before you choose the level of training your puppy will receive in order to be of optimum service to your child. 

  1. You understand that the primary responsibility for your Habibi Bear service dog will be you or another adult/partner in 
    your household. 
  2. You understand that this is a long term commitment, emotionally and financially, for the life cycle of your Habibi Bear 
    service dog, up to 14 years or more.
  3. You understand that in order to provide support for your child, your Habibi Bear service dog will rely on you for
     reassurance and leadership. Your child will not be left to train your Habibi Bear service dog on their own at any time.
  4. You assume and commit to the responsibility of providing the continuing structure and consistency of the training 
    maintenance routine, taking into account the need to work puppy and dog training into the daily demands of work 
    and family obligations.
  5. You understand that your Habibi Bear service dog is a tool to help your child, not a miracle “fix” for all issues. 
  6. You understand that your Habibi Bear service dog is not a family pet, but a working dog with duties and tasks to 
    perform. Your entire family understands this as well. If this is not in your interest, then you would need to look into companion dog training. 
  7. You understand that the maximum amount of time that your Habibi Bear service dog should be left alone is 4 hours.
  8. You are someone who is easily able to keep and maintain a rigorous schedule, and organizing time comes easily to you. 
  9. You have already completed or are in the process of completing the basic Habibi U puppy training modules. 

Perhaps at this point, you are realizing that you struggle with routine and schedule on a regular basis. If this is the case, we recommend that you choose a higher educational track and a longer training period for your Habibi Bear service dog. By doing this, your actual time spent on service dog training will be decreased and you will only be required to maintain the education and schedule already firmly in place. In the same vein, if your family is torn between the desire for a puppy and its needs for a service dog, Habibi Bears offers generous discounts to families who take two puppies simultaneously. Although the training tracks will be different, with the other focusing on companion dog training, both puppies will benefit from the proximity and companionship of another canine in the household.  

Reach out to discuss our service dog training, along with your unique needs and lifestyle with one of our Pup Academy specialists today!

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