Doggy Super Heroes: The Sequel

We’ve had some inquiries about our previous post, “Doggy Super Heroes” on how best to help our precious pups achieve Super Hero status. It is so exciting for us at Habibi U (Go Bears!) to assist you every step of the way. Are you ready?

 Let’s go! 

Be familiar with your puppy’s training routine and educational path. 

If your dog has preliminary work with Pup Start we've given your baby a head start to crate training & scheduling. As a dog parent, it is important to maintain the level of achievement that your pup has worked so hard to attain, for an easy transition.  With our Habib Method program, we will help you learn the ropes in becoming a pack leader with confidence in your role!  First step will be settling in and building your bond to establish a trusting relationship.  Your pup doesn’t care about fancy toys or treats, what it will treasure is a consistent schedule and routine and feeling your calm leadership. Your puppy thrives on a schedule and routine, and we have a wonderful schedule that your puppy comes home with, to help set you and your Habibi Bear up for success!   For those of us with lots of dog experience, who can ever forget the happiness on your dog’s face when it realizes it is breakfast or dinner time? The sheer joy and excitement as it senses the time and the patter of its paws as it waits patiently for you to place its bowl down and waits for the command to go ahead and eat. If any of you have seen the unfortunate anxiety of a rescue dog who wasn’t sure when it would eat again, the contrast is jarring. Consistency is security in the animal and especially the dog world, where dogs and humans have been partners for more than 30,000 years. Now that’s a partnership! 

If you are working toward service training, then we can assist you in locating a training facility near you so you can build a relationship together, over time!  This takes 2-3 years depending on the service, and you will be navigating all the puppy developmental phases along the way as well.  This process takes time, and building that respect together is a lifetime bond that cannot be broken.  When you start your work, we recommend beginning with using the service vest for each lesson.  When your dog has on its service dog vest, no one should be allowed to approach or interact with your dog, as it knows it is At Work. Just like a Police Dog, or a Drug Detection Dog at the airport, it is a signal to all that this dog means business! Slipping on that vest is its signal that it has on its working hat and it is time for business. Remember, our Habibi Bears are tiny but mighty little heroes! 

Short practical tips to keep in mind:

Every Encounter planned should be a positive one. This means no off-leash experiences with unfamiliar dogs or facilities, or even unplanned interactions with the public. If someone does want to approach or pet your animal, make sure it is done under your close supervision if you trust the person. All it takes is one negative interaction at the wrong stage of development to trigger an unwanted response for a very long time. As the pack leader, you have the height advantage of scanning for potentially unwanted experiences, and you have the ability to change directions and walk the other way. 

Changes to schedule should be done incrementally. For example, as Daylight Savings time for most of us is approaching, take the time the week ahead to begin adjusting puppy’s meal time by 15 minutes earlier every two days. In the Spring, when Daylight Savings is over, the reverse is needed, 7 days before DST ends, extend wait time for meals by 15 minutes every two days. You will notice less agitation with the seasonal changes by transitioning the dogs slowly and methodically. This type of gradual change can work as well with bedtimes in the morning and at night. This will be very familiar to the dog because it has gone through and excelled at Habibi U Academy where it was introduced to sequential training at the hands of our SuperStar Trainer Emily. Thank you Emily for setting the pups up for lifelong success as Doggy Super Heroes! 

Do you have questions about how to train your dog?  We would love to schedule a Call with you and discuss your training options!

Cheering you on!
Julie, Abdo and the Pack at.....
Habibi Bears