Holiday Tips for Puppy Management

Zoning Out: Why Puppy Zones are the best during the Holidays
As we are fast approaching the Holiday Season, we here at the Habibi Bear Hub, home of the Original Teddy Bear dogs in the PNW, are making full use of Puppy-Free and Puppy Zones in our home! It is a fantastic way to manage your space and reinforce boundary lessons for both kids and pups alike! 

If you haven’t already tried it, a Puppy-Free zone in your home could keep your puppy away from special Holiday additions to your household such as:

Christmas Trees, Wreaths and Boughs: The Good News- Firs and Cedars are not toxic in themselves to our dogs. Whew! That’s a relief! However, chewing on the needles and branches for young puppies can cause tummy troubles due to the essential oils in the fiber of the bark and needles, as well as a choking hazard from the pulpy fiber. Also, any type of commercial liquid added to extend the life of a freshly cut tree contain dangerous chemicals that are toxic to dogs,

Christmas lights and extra extension cords: For teething and mouthy puppies, strings of pretty lights and the related extension cords might smell very enticing to your Habibi Bear puppy, who just might be tempted to take a nibble or two or twenty! Of course, the danger comes from the live electricity when illuminated and the danger of ingesting the cords while not in use. This brings up a related concern- strings, ties, and ribbons. What we are on the lookout for are the type of items that puppy can begin to chew and swallow, and once ingested, have real difficulty being eliminated normally. Quite often, things such as strings or cords need to be surgically removed if eaten or swallowed. This also applies to Christmas stockings or any additional and special decorations that puppy can chew on or eat that, because they are not normally in our home, smell extra yummy and enticing, and that we may not notice if it goes missing! Unlike a regular decorative item in our home that we notice right away, a holiday item might not be missed until it is too late. 

Poinsettias: While very pretty and festive, poinsettias are toxic to dogs. In a best case scenario, poinsettias cause diarrhea and vomiting. Other holiday plants such as lillies, draecena, and amaryllis (nearly all plants growing from bulbs) vary in degrees of toxicity and should be avoided. 

Other foods and liquids: Chocolate, xylitol, and alcohol are dangerous to puppy and if you have a houseful of people, it may be hard to make sure your little Habibi Bear guy or gal doesn’t get their wee little paws on any of the above mentioned goodies, even by accident or mistake. 

How to create your puppy and puppy free zones: Using baby gates and puppy pens, you can successfully block off areas in your home to create a puppy-free zone where the Christmas tree, presents, lights and bowls of candy are set out. And for the areas where puppy can go, like their awesome Doggy Condo, or an enriched puppy play zone, make sure there are lots of chews, toys or puzzle treat balls to keep your precious Habibi Bear puppy busy! If you have guests coming over, this is the time to break out the new toys or stuffed Kongs to occupy your Habibi guy or gal. During this Holiday season, we hope to help educate you in ways to make the most of your special time with your furry, fuzzy Habibi Bear bundle of love, so you can have the most memorable holiday season ever. If you have any tried and true suggestions, drop is a line and share the love. We are always here for you, cheering you on!