Oh-oh! Tummy troubles! Simple ways to help soothe puppy’s tummy at home

Even the sturdiest of dogs experience tummy troubles from time to time, and while inconvenient, there is no cause for alarm. We here at Habibi Bears have got you covered with tried and true tips to help get your cuddly Habibi guy or gal back on the right track. 
Here are some of our go-to home remedy aids that have always helped us:

Stop all extra treats or goodies- If puppy is having watery, runny stools, withhold any treats or chews temporarily until their stools are “back to normal.” 

Plain boiled chicken breast and plain boiled white rice- Just like in humans, a basic bland diet can often soothe a troubled tummy even when experiencing digestive distress. This is best for puppies experiencing loose, runny stools. Keep the water from boiling the chicken breast to make the rice and on hand if you need to give puppy any extra liquids if they don’t want to drink water. Please make sure you do not add any spices to either chicken or rice, only salt. If you use a boxed or canned chicken broth to prepare rice, please pay attention to the ingredients and make sure there is no onion, garlic or other added sugars and flavors.

Pumpkin-Canned pumpkin is a great source of fiber and minerals for your Habibi Bear puppy. When choosing which can to buy, pay close attention to the label and purchase 100% pure pumpkin with no other ingredients. Because one can of pumpkin is almost a full pound, you can also split the can and freeze half for later use.  If you have never given your dog pumpkin before, remember to start slowly and only add a teaspoon at a time to their kibble to make sure your puppy’s tummy reacts well. 

Plain Nonfat Yogurt/Kefir-Plain Nonfat Yogurt or Kefir is a wonderful source of probiotics that can help restore good bacteria and balance back to your puppy’s system. The same rules apply here: read the label to make sure there are no added sugars or flavors, and start with one teaspoon at a time to avoid upset. 

If your dog has lost their appetite, try hand feeding bits of plain boiled chicken or letting them lick chicken broth off of your fingers to get liquids. We've done this with puppies who have lost their zest for eating and aren’t showing interest in water because of tummy troubles. Just dip your fingers in broth and place your fingers near their mouth. Almost all puppies or dogs will begin to sniff and lick the broth off, and when they have finished, repeat four or five times so that they can get sufficient liquids. 

For puppies or dogs who do not show interest in licking broth off your fingers, it is always handy and recommended to have a feeding syringe on hand. Available online, at pet stores or feed stores, a feeding syringe can be loaded with liquids (or even pureed foods) and gently inserted into the corner of puppy’s mouth so that you can slowly depress the plunger so that puppy can swallow the liquids. Feeding syringes can also be used for dog medications when necessary. After using, wash off with warm, not hot, soapy water and rinse well. You can use it for the length of time of tummy upset, then dispose of the syringe, so that any possible recontamination in the future is avoided. 

We hope that this has given you a few helpful ideas to keep in your tool box so that when issues arise, you have some tips to fall back on. Leave us your comments below on how this has worked out for you. We are always here for you, cheering you on!