Time to Spring Ahead! Feeding Transition Schedules for Puppy

Good Morning Campers! Time to Rise and Shine! Here at Rancho Habibi Bear we are getting ready for the beginning of Daylight Savings Time again! How did that get here so quickly? We’ve got all pups ready to go on our tried and true Feeding Transition schedule for the smoothest Spring ever. On Sunday March 12, our clocks will Move Ahead one hour. This means that puppy’s feeding schedule would normally be delayed by an hour, which can cause stress, anxiety, clinginess, and confusion. We love to take a few days (7-10) to Delay feeding slowly by 10 minutes every other day. 

Here’s what that looks like: 

  • February 28  Feed puppy at 8 am & 5 pm
  • March 1        Feed puppy at 8:10 am & 5:10 pm
  • March 2        8:10 am & 5:10 pm
  • March 3        Feed puppy at 8:20 am & 5:20 pm
  • March 4        8:20 am & 5:20 pm
  • March 5        Feed puppy at 8:30 am & 5:30 pm
  • March 6        8:30 am & 5:30 pm
  • March 7        Feed puppy at 8:40 am & 5:40 pm
  • March 8        8:40 am & 5:40 pm
  • March 9        Feed puppy at 8:50 am & 5:50 pm
  • March 10      8:50 am & 5:50 pm
  • March 11      Feed puppy at 9 am & 6pm
Daylight Savings Time ***********
  • March 12     Feed puppy at new time change time of 8 am & 5pm which is really 9am & 6 pm respectively in doggie time. 

Why do this? Our motivation is always to make our little Habibi guys and gals as comfortable as possible and give them the best structure and consistency we can, to help foster security and confidence. Because dogs and other mammals are so in tune with nature, when we impose artificial conditions like time changes on them, it can cause them to be out of balance and alignment until they can recalibrate and get back in tune with the world around them. Thoughtful time tapering helps with this and we have noticed a difference. As such, we love sharing what we have learned with you, our Habibi Bear Tribe! Take a screenshot of this schedule to use for your Habibi Bear puppy today. 

For those of you not on Pacific Time who are awaiting delivery of a new Habibi Bear pup, we even have feeding schedule time transitions for all time zones to help your new baby acclimate to your new time zone. Just reach out to us and ask. We are always here for you, cheering you on!