Stranger Danger or Setting Your Pup Up For Success!

It just breaks our heart when we hear of puppy’s struggling with meeting new or many extended family members, especially since with some attentive planning and vigilance, problems can be diffused or avoided completely.

Let’s review some tips for making meeting new people a pleasant experience for your beloved Habibi Bear Pup. 

Know your puppy’s personality: Whether you have a party-time pup or a wallflower, be sure you know when your puppy has hit their limit and is under stress. 

A Party-Time Pup might be running around, jumping, wagging their tail furiously or scratching when very excited. Watch for signs that they are becoming overwhelmed : Hackles up, inability to “hear” you or follow commands, panting, a funky tail wag (erratic, fast and uneven). 

A Wallflower Pup may be slinky, furrowed brow, turning away or flinching, ears pinned back, panting, and whale eyes.

Remember to keep good boundaries for your puppy as their Pack Leader 

  1. No fast approaching from unfamiliar people
  2. No touching or petting on the head or giving treats from above the head.  In dog language, Danger comes from above, safety comes from below.  We want the dog to trust us, so always deliver treats from below because "I always offer safety."  Offer a nice scratch under the chin instead. 
  3. Do not let people HUG your pup - this is seen as threatening or aggression by your pup.
  4. No loud noises, yelling, shrieking or loud laughter.
  5. No jumping or sudden movements. 

If puppy is too overstimulated, please provide them with a safe space and quiet time to avoid overwhelm and negative interactions that take time to unlearn and rebuild trust.

Teach your guests to IGNORE your puppy until puppy initiates the interaction. Letting puppy become curious about the new person is the best way to make sure that puppy is comfortable and receptive to interacting, and in turn, it becomes a positive learning experience. A positive learning experience will be one that puppy is eager to repeat, because they were at ease and in control of how much contact to have. 

Because you are the human, your Habibi Bear puppy needs you to advocate for it, because they can't speak people, BUT YOU CAN. You can be their voice. You can make sure that your guests know how to approach your pup: slowly, calmly and on puppy’s terms.

If you need more detailed advice, make sure you reach out to us and let us know. We are passionate about providing education and support for you and your Habibi Bear puppy. We are always here for you, cheering you on!