Keep Puppy Safe During the Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July!

We are full in the swing of summer, barbeques, cookouts, picnics and….firework season! Here’s some tips to keep your precious Habibi Bear puppy safe and sound.

  • Make sure your puppy, if sound sensitive, stays indoors. You know your puppy better than anyone. If they startle at sudden loud noises, please consider skipping their normal walking schedule to one that is early morning (6am-9am). In general, this is a safe time to have puppy outside, avoiding any surprise firecrackers or sound nuisances. 
  • Make sure if your puppy is sound sensitive, you consider crating your puppy with lots of good chewies, a stuffed Kong, and other time-consuming puzzles to keep puppy occupied. Running a white-noise machine, a fan or air conditioner to provide sound distractions is a wonderful way to muffle the potential noise hazard. A radio or television helps too. 
  • Make sure all information on puppy’s collar is up-to-date and accurate. It should have your cell phone number and the puppy’s name on the tag. Please don’t rely on microchipping as the only method of identifying your dog as yours. Not everyone who finds a dog has a scanner, and you could lose precious time. See “Who Let the Dogs Out? ” for more tips. 
  • Make sure if you have guests or are hosting a bbq, you know puppy's whereabouts at all times, and that puppy isn’t overwhelmed by the change of routine. See our past blogpost “Holiday Madness” for more details and a complete review on disruption to puppy’s schedule. 
  • Make sure you monitor social interactions between your guests and puppy. Remember, it only takes one awkward interaction for your puppy to have an experience that you will have to spend weeks to undo. Make sure your guests know not to get in puppy’s face, not to stare, and not to touch puppy on the head. Make use of the crate for decompression time for puppy, which is especially relevant because of possible increased stress due to fireworks. 

More pets (dogs and cats) go missing at the Fourth of July holidays than any other time of the year. Let’s make sure that we prepare for the weekend and following days of celebration so we can be the very best advocates for our precious little Habibi Bear guys and gals. 

Prep List

  • Prep one or two good Kongs with boiled chicken, kibbles or peanut butter. Pop it in the freezer for extra long chewing time in their crate.
  • Break out puppy’s favorite toys to distract them. 
  • Have the numbers for local authorities in case your pup does go missing. 
  • Have a current photo of your pup. 

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summer selections have just kicked off for the newest Habibi Bear puppies, come on over and see what all the fuss is about!  If you are interested in adding a Habibi to your home, now is the perfect time of year for potty training!  

Our blogs are a wonderful source of education and information on troubleshooting issues that make arise with your puppy. And of course, if you need more detailed help, please reach out and contact us. We are always here for you, cheering you on. 


Puppy Application

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