Hot Dogs Part Deux : Keeping puppy Cool during the Heat

Here in the PNW, summer is in full swing, the days are long and the sun is out. While not as hot as the rest of the country, there are times when we at Habibi Bears pay special attention to keeping our pups cool as they play outdoors or in our cute-as-can-be puppy enrichment center. Here are some tried and true tricks of the trade that make sure that our wonderful, fuzzy, loving Habibi Bear pups, the Ultimate Teddy Bear puppy, stay the coolest kids in the class! 

COOLING PET PADS: These are a lifesaver on the days when the mercury climbs out of control. Made of a thick blue plastic-like material, these pads activate when you add ice water to the pad which is absorbed by the material, creating a cool-to-cold surface for your Habibi Bear puppy to chill out on. These draw the body heat of your pup and emits it back into the atmosphere. Cooling pet pads are excellent for crates, and can be used indoors and outdoors as well. 

RAISED BEDS FOR DOGS: The raised dog bed is suspended off the ground, allowing for air circulation under your puppy, keeping them off any solid surface which could retain their body temperature. They are easily washable and lightweight, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

ALWAYS PROVIDE SHADE: If puppy is out of doors, make sure they have sufficient shade or shelter out of the direct sun, and keep in mind the times of highest UV exposure is between 10-2, which is a perfect time for a nap in their doggie condo indoors. 

KEEP PUPPY HYDRATED: Keep multiple locations of fresh water nearby for your Habibi Bear puppy, and add a little moisture to their food to increase extra hydration. Ice pops made of chicken broth or kongs filled with chicken broth and a few treats can also be helpful in keeping puppy from becoming dehydrated.  

Additional tips- Check out pet-safe sunscreen if you have one of our lighter furred or white dogs, especially those with liver-colored noses or light eyes, who might have a tendency for sunburn just like fair-skinned humans. 

  • Kiddie pools can be great fun for puppies and kids, again, be aware of the time of day to avoid heat exhaustion.
  • Although our Habibi Bears don’t shed in general, extra brushing when it is hot can reduce stray fur, a refreshing and comforting bonding routine. 
  • Check out doggie boots or shoes to keep their paws protected during these high heat days of late summer. 
  • Never, ever, ever leave your dog in a parked car alone. 

We at Habibi Bears are always learning and researching new things and seeking out fresh ideas to continue to improve the lives of our Habibi Bear pups, the Ultimate Teddy Bear dog. We love hearing from you and what worked for you and your Habibi Bear guy or gal to keep them cool and comfortable during the heat. If there's anything we missed, please reach out and drop us a line or leave a comment. We look forward to hearing from you and we are always here for you, cheering you on! 

If you are ready to bring home a puppy for the summer training- look no further, we have some darling little ones in the Puppy Nursery now! 

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