Therapy Dog Breeder in Moses Lake, Washington

The United States is in the midst of a mental health crisis. Conditions such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD are negatively impacting Americans' quality of life. Each year, more than 25% of Americans are diagnosed with a mental disorder.

The good news is that many people suffering from mental health issues are finding solace in therapy dogs. These dogs provide emotional support and an unyielding companion for their owners.

Read on to learn about puppies for sale in Moses Lake, WA. Explore topics such as how emotional support pets can help you and what the best dog breeds are for this service.

What Is the Story Behind Habibi Bear?

Habibi Bears is a small, family-run breeder that operates in Washington State and Oregon. We train Moses Lake puppies to serve as therapy dogs in many different forms of life. Our puppies provide assistance at school, work, doctor's offices, and more.

Our Moses Lake dog breeders closely follow the Habibi method. This method facilitates a deep connection between humans and their dogs. Instead of considering their new addition as a pet, Habibi Bear owners view their dog as a family member and partner for life.

We have more than three decades of experience breeding puppies. To maintain quality, we only breed a handful of litters each year. The puppies are well-trained and the dog adoption process is selective.

What Is the Habibi Bear Breed?

Puppies falling under this breed are also referred to as teddy bear dogs. Their lineage traces back more than three centuries to the Bichon family and the Mediterranean.

The hybridization that results in Habibi Bears is driven by local dogs breeding with smaller dogs. There are a few breeds out there, such as Maltese, that follow a similar backstory. However, Habibi Bears are unique because they maintain genetic diversity by avoiding any inbreeding.

Maintaining this clean genetic line is why Moses Lake dog breeders are special. The result is a niche breed that is perfect for therapy and companionship.

How Does the Delivery Process Work?

Once you are selected to adopt one of our puppies, it is time to make delivery arrangements. Some families decide to pick up their puppy in person, but we have other options as well.

We can make special delivery arrangements for you - we call it Gotcha Day! A puppy nanny service will be used to deliver your Habibi Bear right to you.

Meeting at a nearby airport is another option for some families. 

Your Guide to Puppies for Sale in Moses Lake, WA

You are now ready to start shopping for puppies in Moses Lake. The Habibi method makes us one of the best dog breeders near Moses Lake.

Our Habibi Bears are well-trained and bred for a special purpose. They are going to fulfill their mission as a service dog and aid your mental health.

If you are looking for puppies for sale in Moses Lake, WA, contact us today to start the adoption process for your very own Habibi Bear.