Therapy Dog Puppies in Spokane, Washington: Learn More

Dogs are more than man's best friend- they have become a valuable therapy tool, particularly for those with autism and trauma. However, finding a well-bred dog to accommodate your needs is an overwhelming process.

It takes roughly 18 months to train a service dog. If you're looking for dog breeders in Spokane, WA, it can be hard to find a responsible breeder.

You may have heard about our Habibi Bear breed. These dogs excel in therapy work.

So where did the Habibi Bear originate from? What makes this dog an ideal companion for those requiring emotional support? 

This guide will discuss why it's the perfect dog for those with disabilities and trauma. We'll explain why our adoption process is one you can trust.

What Is the Habibi Bear?

The Habibi Bear is a descendant of the Bichon breed, which originated in the Mediterranean. Habibi means "my beloved" in Arabic, and the dogs get the bear part of their name because they resemble a soft teddy bear.

The breed's story was born 34 years ago out of a need for a service dog for families and children living with autism and emotional trauma. What began with breeding Schnoodles evolved into breeding Confetti Schnoodles. 

Using a process of scientific genetics and hybridization, the breed was infused over time. It was in an attempt to correct flaws and inject characteristics.

The result was the Habibi Bear-a gentle and intuitive therapy dog.

Habibi Bear dogs are bred with small litters each year and no in-breeding. It has allowed the process to hone in on characteristics and traits and ensure genetic diversity for healthy dogs.

We Are Dog Breeders in Spokane, WA

Habibi Bears is one of the premier dog breeders in Spokane, WA. We are the only place that offers Habibi Bear therapy dogs. These dogs are not your average family pet-they are a unique breed created to be service dogs.

We are a small family-run business. We offer a dog training program to prepare the dogs for life in their new home. We have small litters of puppies for sale that we can arrange for delivery in Spokane, WA.

The Dog Adoption Process

If you look for Spokane dog breeders, you will probably find Habibi Bears. Our dogs have been a positive influence on families for decades. 

Habibi Bears are versatile, easy to train, adaptable, gentle with children, quiet, non-shedding, and allergy-friendly-they also come in a variety of colors.

If this sounds like something your family might benefit from, consider submitting an application. You will also need to pay a registration fee.

Once accepted, you will have an opportunity to meet with the therapy dogs for 30 to 40 minutes on FaceTime. Your family can submit your requested dogs. Then, you will be paired with a dog.

At that point, you can select delivery options and schedule your Gotcha Day to bring your Habibi Bear home.

Consider Habibi Bears

If you're looking for therapy dog breeders in Spokane, WA, consider Habibi Bears. 

Our dogs excel in therapy work and have provided emotional support for families for years.

Find out more about the adoption process today.