Improving the Quality of Life of our Habibi Bear Pups with Titer testing!

Spring has indeed sprung and our lively little Habibi Bear puppies, the Original Teddy Bear dogs, are frolicking and hopping in the beautiful sunshine here in the PNW. It is truly a joy to see how healthy and full of life our babies are, and at Habibi Bears, we are always on the cutting edge of keeping our puppies in tip top form while keeping unnecessary chemical exposure to a minimum. Whether it is maintaining a clean environment, preventing parasite infestation, or disease control, we are committed to using safe, non-toxic, and holistic methods first and foremost. One of the tools we use for our grown up Habibi Bear mamas and daddies is Titer testing. We would like to encourage you to explore whether this practice would be right for you and your darling Habibi Bear member of the family to ensure their long and happy life.

What is a titer? 

A type of test done in laboratories that determines either the presence or amount of an antibody in drawn blood, a titer shows either a level of immunity or a lack thereof for certain diseases. Doctors use immunization titers to determine if someone has immunity to measles, mumps, chicken pox, and tuberculosis, among other diseases. Titers are useful for cats and dogs too, and canine distemper, adenovirus and parvovirus are some of the diseases where levels of immunity can be determined through titer testing. 

Why use a titer? 

At Habibi Bears, we are passionate about holistic care, and it is of the utmost importance to us that we avoid loading a puppy’s delicately balanced system with an overabundance of potentially toxic amounts of carcinogenic chemicals or neurotoxins, even in the name of health. Unfortunately, over the years, we have been contacted by some of our Habibi Bear Tribe families who found out what can occur at the dangerous intersection of over-vaccination and flea/tick control, and the tragedies that can ensue. 

We recommend and follow a modified protocol (The Schultz Modified Safe Vaccine Protocol) in order to avoid the potential health hazards of epilepsy, autoimmune disorders, cancer, digestive issues, and fatal levels of parasitic overloads. Obtaining a titer after the modified vaccine protocol allows the practicing veterinarian to see via blood testing (serological titers), the level of antibodies that the puppy tested has retained, and if they are in need of a booster, or if their levels remain within diagnostic range that would allow them continued protection from the specific illness. 
If you are a puppy parent who is hesitant about over-vaccination, titers could be a wonderful tool to ascertain your Habibi Bear puppy’s immunity levels before giving them another vaccine. The reality is, just like temperament and personality, a pup’s immune system is highly individual and one never knows which pup will have an adverse reaction to a series of vaccines all at once, or once vaccinated, will retain nearly lifelong sustained immunity to disease. 

At Habibi Bears, we do follow and recommend a protocol of supplemental support for your precious Habibi Bear pup’s immune system while undergoing their core vaccines, Venzeo (Detox) for Pets and Motherboard (immune support) from Venjenz

Are you able to speak freely with your veterinarian about your personal preferences for caring for your Habibi Bear puppy? How receptive to your input are they? Do you feel they listen to your concerns about across the board medical recommendations or do they dismiss them? 
Leave us a comment and let us know. We love hearing from our Habibi Bear Tribe, after all, at Habibi Bears, we are all about the Love! We are always here for you, cheering you on!