Air & Ground Delivery

At Habibi Bears, the most important factor is the safety of your puppy. If you live long distance, we have a couple safe options to receive your new family member.

Delivery Options

hand delivery with a personal touch

Ground Delivery to Western, WA & Portland, OR

This is a service we provide for our out-of-town families to make the transition from our home to yours that much easier!
Now you don't have to travel across state to meet your puppy---we will  carefully deliver them to your area, and you can select from the pre-planned locations on our route. My husband manages and organizes each delivery and he does a fantastic job!  He is a Logistics Manager for an international company so this is his specialty. Once we have confirmed our families and locations, we will finalize the plans and select the area where we will park and meet our families.  
(Sorry. no home deliveries due to time constraints)

As these trips involve a full 24 hour trip, we have streamlined the schedule by selecting specific locations for delivery and specific delivery dates for each litter.

Wanting that hand's on experience of meeting your puppy and seeing us  in person, but don't want to travel across the state?  The modern age is amazing, it connects people in so many ways, making the world a smaller place.  While we are thankful for many of the perks of the worldwide web, we feel that it does create somewhat of a distance, or lack of personal touch that we hold so dear to our hearts.  We value the old fashioned way of handling the selection process of our puppies, and enjoy getting to know each of our families on a personal level.  This is why we implemented our hand delivery service; to not only provide a stress-free transition for our puppies, but to have the opportunity to meet our families face-to-face, bringing that Gotcha Day experience to you.   

Our families have commented time and time again at how much it meant to them that we were able to bring their puppy to their area and they didn't have to travel with their children or make the drive themselves.  Many times the stress of travel and separation can cause puppies immune systems to be compromised.  When we are able to hand-deliver puppies in their comfortable and familiar surroundings, all together as a group---they experience no stress on the trip.  Since we implemented this service we have not experienced any stress related issues with puppies and their transitions.

15 minute appointments per family to ensure individualized time with everyone!

We want YOU to have our undivided attention to go over your puppy packet, puppy instructions, and make sure we have time to answer all of your questions pertaining the transition of bringing home your Habibi Bear.  Sorry, due to time and size restraints, we are not able to deliver to individual residences.

Ground Delivery charges per family/ location are listed below: 


  • Moses Lake: $200

  • Issaquah : $250

  • Seattle South Center:  $250

  • Seatac: $250

  • Tacoma: $275

  • Olympia: $285


  • PDX: $350 (no sales tax)

OTHER LOCATIONS ON OCCASION (check with us to see if its an option)


Habibi Air - nationwide hand delivery - Flight Nanny Service

Flight Nanny Service:

Total Cost:

  • Cost of the Roundtrip Flight & Pet Fee ($125)  -Plus-
  • Nanny Fee: $650

  • How does it work? To ensure our puppies are always experiencing nothing less than optimal positive experiences during their transition to their new homes- we also provide our own personal puppy nanny service.  When your opportunity comes to pick out a puppy,  you will let us know if you are either flying in to meet us on delivery day at Seatac (Seattle) or PDX (Portland) or if you would like to book Habibi Air for your puppy's delivery.   At that time, we will start working out the preferred delivery date/time details for our schedule. Once we've settled on a flight itinerary and ticket price, that payment, as well as the remaining balance for your puppy, is due before we book the ticket.  When we receive payment in full, we will proceed with the booking, and a confirmed delivery date and time is set.

    We will keep in touch on delivery day,  when we land  we will meet you at  handy a meeting point at your airport. Due to limitations of being able to only  deliver one puppy at a time, we will need to arrange accordingly per our schedule.

  • Can more than one puppy be delivered to the same destination? Sometimes we may have two puppies from a litter needing delivery and we can arrange to meet two families in a day. Airline regulations state that we are able to  deliver two puppies at a time, providing that their total combined weight (combined with the carrier's weight) totals under 20 lbs. If so, the cost of the plane tickets, and pet carry-on fee would be shared between the two families for the same destination.  If we are able to arrange to go to two destinations in a day, we will itemize the separate flights per family and the return flight can be shared.

  • What type of payment method do you accept? The delivery charge, flight and puppy balance can be paid via Credit Card through our store. (CC does have a 3.5% fee)
  • Do I get to keep the carrier?
    Our carrier remains with us,  you will need to bring a carrier of your choice for pick up!

When You Pick Up Your Habibi Bear For Hand Delivery, You Will Need To Bring Along The Following Items:

I recommend arriving 30 minutes early or calling in advance to find out if the flight is early or on time. We usually meet at the baggage claim area of the airline.

  • Litter Box Once you have received your puppy, go directly to your car and let puppy potty in the litterbox (NOT at the airport....think about all the other dogs that have gone there.  A huge breeding ground of possible disease----not a good idea!)  Give your puppy the opportunity to relieve himself, if he doesn't go its ok, he may be a little overwhelmed and not feel comfortable yet.  Puppy can go at home in their outdoor potty pen!

  • Baby wipes, Paper Towels, Extra Towel, grocery bag for throwing away any messes (you never know!)  Use the baby wipes to clean off puppy's feet if he had an accident in his crate, paper towels to pick up any soiled mess in the crate, and tie up in your grocery bag!  Simple!  The towel is for your lap to let puppy ride home on!  (We break our cardinal rule of puppy riding in a carrier in the car for this ride home!  We have found that puppy will bond with whoever is holding him first, and that first ride home is a big  bonding moment for your little Habibi Bear.  If you are alone, go ahead and place your Habibi in the crate for safety, but if you do bring someone along, let them hold your puppy on the way home!

  • Bottled water Gerber Meat Sticks (baby isle) or Nutri-cal (high calorie supplement for dogs and cats). Be sure to let puppy have a drink and a little snack as soon a possible.  This will aid in quick recovery from the flight, especially if the blood sugar has dropped.   We find the Gerber Meat Sticks to be irresistible to puppies, and they will gobble them up!  The Nutri-cal tastes good to the puppy, but sometimes they are hypoglycemic and don't want to eat, so you can put some on your finger and rub it on the puppy's gums or nose.  They will lick it up right away and help stabilize the puppy if is experiencing any stress.

  • Put puppy in your Puppy Area as soon as you get home. This is important.  Hopefully you have simulated the puppy safe area we have in our home (complete with litter box, food dishes, and crate),  this will help your puppy settle in quickly.   Puppy needs to familiarize himself with your home, and her new area  so start her out right away!   See if puppy will potty and eat, then you can hold him if he is not too tired. It's been a long day for your little one, so try not to overwhelm puppy with too much activity.  Many puppies are exhausted and want to sleep.  You have the rest of your lives together to play, so if your puppy seems sleepy, it's ok to let him sleep.

    First Night. Most families report that their puppy does well the first night, a little crying but settles down.  Some will sleep in the puppy area right off the bat, where others take a little longer to settle in.  If your puppy seems to be a little scared or is crying when left alone in its puppy area that first night, we recommend keeping the crate next to your bed for the first week.  This helps the puppy feel safe and alleviate any separation anxiety.  If you think about it, dogs are a pack animal and just left their pack for the first time.  It is normal for them to cry out when they are alone, as that is how they would locate the other litter mates at home.  Using a heated water bottle, snuggle puppy or plug in DAP (found on Amazon or at pet stores) will also aid the transition for your baby.    Quick note about crying. I never recommend responding quickly to puppy cries.  Try to ignore puppy and only respond once he has quieted down.  They are very smart and will learn quickly that crying gets attention - don't allow this negative behavior to start!  We will walk into the room and let the pup see we are there, and they are safe.  Remain calm and don't make eye contact.  This is how the pack leader in a dog pack interacts with it's pack when entering the den.  They never acknowledge the others and don't make eye contact. This gesture will help the puppy see it is safe and you are there, being reassured by your calm presence.  Then walk away again.  Less verbal communication and more strong and silent body language will help your puppy.  Never react to their crying by acting concerned or scared for them, "ohhhh you poor baby.. don't cry" etc.  Essentially what you are doing is telling the puppy they should be afraid, which is enabling the fear.  This will create a very insecure pup, and if this progresses, it will lead to separation anxiety.  Never pick up a puppy that is crying out.  Always wait for them to stop before picking them up.  Using treats and praise when puppy sits or stops crying out will help empower the puppy to self soothe and learn to believe in it's own abilities!  For those who need assistance with training, we have a wonderful program for you!  Our Pup Academy Training Program 
    specializes in scheduling new puppies.  For more tips, we recommend joining our Q & A Habibi Pup Academy calls!

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