New in 2015!  Hand Delivery is now FREE to Western WA, Vancouver WA & Portland OR  on specified delivery days!

Occasionally we will delivery to other locations, and fees will be calculated and estimates given if this option will be available within our schedule. 

Hand-Delivery with a personal touch
This is a service we provide for our out-of-town families to make the transition from our home to yours that much easier!  Now you don't have to travel across state to meet your puppy---we will bring them to your area, and you can still have that same hands-on experience!    My husband manages and organizes each delivery and he does a fantastic job!  He is a Logistics Manager for an international company so this is his specialty. Once we have confirmed who we are delivering to, we will finalize the plans and select the area where we will park and meet our families.  

As these trips involve long days on the road, we have streamlined the schedule by selecting specific locations for delivery and specific delivery dates for each litter.


Wanting that hand's on experience of meeting your puppy and seeing us  in person, but don't want to travel across the state?  The modern age is amazing, it connects people in so many ways, making the world a smaller place.  While we are thankful for many of the perks of the worldwide web, we feel that it does create somewhat of a distance, or lack of personal touch that we hold so dear to our hearts.  We value the old fashioned way of handling the selection process of our puppies, and enjoy getting to know each of our families on a personal level.  This is why we implemented our hand delivery service; to not only provide a stress-free transition for our puppies, but to have the opportunity to meet our families face-to-face, bringing that home breeding experience to those who are not able to to travel otherwise.  


We are very blessed to both work remotely from home, which allows us to spend time in our two homes located in Washington and  the Oregon Coast,  as well as travel.  While most breeders insist families come to them, at Habibi Bears, we go the extra mile and provide hand delivery for each litter. No matter the weather, we can chat....and talk Habibi Bear face to face.  How cool is that?   Our families have commented time and time again at how much it meant to them that we were able to bring their puppy to them and they didn't have to travel with their children or make the drive themselves.  Many times the stress of travel and separation can cause puppies immune systems to be compromised.  When we are able to hand-deliver puppies in their comfortable and familiar surroundings, all together as a group---they don't experience any stress,  what-so-ever!  Since we implemented this service we have not experienced any stress issues with puppies and their transitions. 


10 minute appointments per family to ensure individualized time with everyone!

We want YOU to have our undivided attention to go over your puppy packet, puppy instructions, and make sure we have time to answer all of your questions pertaining the transition of bringing home your Habibi Bear.  Sorry, due to time and size restraints, we are not able to deliver to individual residences.


This service is FREE with each litter on specified litter dates only. 

If you are not available the delivery fee is $175 to Issaquah or Portland on other arranged dates.  To be agreed upon in advance.


Western WA & Vancouver WA/Portland OR

Location TBD---depending on how many stops we are making, and if it is the final destination. We will determine a location once we have a headcount, and give you an address to meet us! (Usually Trader Joes on Gilman BLVD. for Issaquah --- Lloyd Center for Portland---or an RV park if it is our final destination!)


Moses Lake


1795 Kittleson Rd.

Moses Lake, WA



Flying  J

2300 S Canyon Rd
Ellensburg, WA 98926


Other Locations on occasion (check with us to see if its an option)

North Montana:  175.00

Southern Idaho: 424.00

Northern Ca: 525.00


Out of State Families
Picking up and flying your puppy as a carry-on. If you live out of state, you can pick up the puppy and fly back with the crate under the seat as a carry on.​​

This ensures your puppy is safe and sound and has a stress-free flight!  As we are raising Service and Therapy Dogs, we also offer Hand Delivery via Puppy Nanny Service

Puppy Nanny Service:  Family pays for the flight and our service fee of $650, if a hotel is required, it is $150 a night. 


Blue Tuxedo
Cute girls
Einstein Einy!  Adult Blue Confetti
Happy Habibis
Parti Color pups
Blue Confetti Bi Color Pup
Full Coat Apricot
Adult Red
Adult Sable Girl with Black Mask
Cute Sable boy
Tri Color
Black Tuxedo
Sweet Elinor
Habibi Bears
White and Champagne Parti Color pups
Black Panda
Parti Color baby
Chocolate Tuxedo Boy Auggie
Chocolate Sable  Bi Color Girl
Adult Parti Color Tri Color
Red Boy
six week boys
Apricot Puppy
Adult Apricot
Adult Apricot with puppy cut
Black and Red Phantom
Adult Apricot
Cute Graham and buddy
Adult Blue Confetti in puppy cut

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