Selection Day is HERE-New site and new process!

It's an exciting day at Habibi Bears! 

Our new site is less than a week old, and we had the opportunity to try out all the fancy new things today for our selection process!
I am really excited, I mean REALLY excited... to have a new home on the internet to honor our sweet Habibi Bears.  It's been a labor of love to develop this site, and I am so thankful for the help we've had in creating this dreamy space we now call home.  

Thank you so much everyone for your kind words of encouragement, and to our amazing families, for sending over pictures and stories to share on our site.  I've enjoyed every moment as I look at your photos and see how our dogs are living their best lives!  

With that being said, wow, we have so many new systems in place, and I hope it will bring a deeper level of connection and service to my families.  


Referral program!  That's right,  we have a program to track who sends their friends and family our way, and we are rolling out an incentive program for sharing the love!  Grab your referral link and when your friend adopts, you will receive a thank you gift from us! 
Just to kick off the holiday season AND the new program, we are holding a drawing for a free Habibi Bear mug and Java Momma coffee!  You will be entered in the drawing when you join the program. 

Selection Day Notifications Tired of missing the selections, and coming to check them out only to find all the puppies are already homeward bound?   We feel ya, friend.  So I created an email list to notify you when a selection is live!  Sign up here and you will be in the know! 

Stream-lined Waiting List Process
To simplify my selection process, I have implemented a new system.  
  • I am sending the waiting list the Selection Emails for each litter, and when you are ready to adopt, you can feel free to request a puppy, or pass.  This will help me greatly as many of our families at the top of the list choose to wait due to life circumstances.  I want to honor everyone's needs, and we have some folks who are ready now!   
  • When you are ready to select- submit your requests within 24 hrs: Please submit requests under the puppy's name on the nursery page, and enter your Choice #1, #2, #3 etc.  
    • If you have any specific needs for your family, also be sure to list them, and I can go over this and recommend the correct puppy for your family situation.  
  • I will begin matching everyone up at the 24 hour mark, so if a family isn't interested in selecting, they simply pass on submitting their choices.  The choice is up to you! 
  • This also opens our waiting list up to newcomers who are not on the paid waiting list.  Anyone can submit a request, and once I have received my paid waiting list's requests, I will contact the newcomers. If you make the list, you can submit your application and reservation fee!  (So now is the time to sign up for the Selection Day Notifications!) 
We have a new Shop!
I am excited about this Shop it has links to all our favorite Habibi Bear approved items, and a few human, too!  We also have started rolling out our own merch- and what better than our beautiful Habibi Bear stoneware mugs.  Grab one today! We've gone through a couple orders now, and we sell out fast!   While you are at it, I also added my latest obsession, Java Momma, the best coffee and teas!  They are a perfect mix for our mugs.  I don't eat sugar, so one thing I have missed is my flavored lattes.  Java Momma has flavored coffees in so many delicious flavors, and I add my own natural sweetener and - voila! Flavored lattes are back on the menu!  

Habibi University & Pup Academy
We have Courses folks.. well we have ONE, and one coming soon ;)  I've added all the handouts to our new home, in a course format.  There are video presentations (featuring me, Julie) and lots of handouts to print.  I am continuing to add more, so keep coming back.  If you are a current Habibi Bear owner, I invite you to head on over and join Habibi University Portal I'd love to see you!
Pup Academy is a work in progress.  Our amazing trainer, emily and I are working on our own training book and vidoes that will be housed here.  Our goal is to have this complete in 2022!

AND what you have all been waiting for!  The newest litter!!
Welcome to the world, our precious little Small (teacup) sized Habibi Bears: The Boo Crew.  You are gonna love them, they are so cute they look like stuffed animals.  I promise, they are real.  

In closing,  what better time than Thanksgiving eve to be sharing this with all of you.  I am so thankful for the many families that have touched our lives over the past 30+ years.  The stories we share, the memories...and most importantly the connection with our beloved Habibi Bears.  What a precious gift they are to us all.  Thank you for your unending love and support.  

In gratitude
Happy Thanksgiving
Julie, Abdo and the pack

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