Rainy Day Fun

Arnie Bear, living his best life in Oregon!We’re in the full grips of winter around here and if you haven't been able to get outside for normal “walkies” we have some tried and true activities to recommend to keep your puppy engaged. Are you ready to get started? Let’s go! 

  1. Treat “Hide n Go Seek” - This can either be done showing your puppy where you are hiding the treats, or keeping puppy separate and then letting puppy in the room after you have finished hiding the treats in different locations. You may start out with whatever difficulty level you would like and do several rounds of the game. I like Life's Abundance treats  because of the nice size and semi-soft texture -just break them up into teeny-tiny sizes- but any similar sized training treat will do. Take the time to walk behind puppy and give them hints if they are missing any treats, and make sure you give them a giant “YES” whenever they do find a goody. For more advanced pups, this can serve as a great way to practice “leave it” and “go ahead” so that puppy only takes the treat on your command. 

  2. “Muffin Man”- This activity uses a small six cup muffin pan, and six round balls of different textures (tennis ball, chuckit ball, a spiky ball, ribbed, stuffed, etc). Using two types of treats, like LIfe's Abundance offerings, or a freeze dried Beef Livers, place treats in bottom of the muffin cups. Now place the different balls in the cup spaces, over the treats and set down on the floor for puppy to solve.  It is easiest to place the tray on a place mat or area rug so that when your puppy is trying to maneuver around and remove the balls, the tray isn’t sliding around on a bare floor. This can be adjusted for different pups or abilities. Observe your puppy, and watch which ball textures are the most difficult for them to remove. The next time, that’s where the highest value treat is going! 

  3. Doggie “Burpees”- If you need to burn lots of energy, this activity is wonderful! Take a handful of your puppy’s favorite high value treats. Call your dog to your side wherever you are sitting. Show them the treat, and have them sit. Praise them enthusiastically and while they are still watching the treat, ask them for a “down” and wait for five to ten seconds, and Ask Them for Another Sit, showing them the treat. When you get this third action and second sit, they get their long awaited reward! Don’t forget to praise your puppy with a big Yes! and any other type of physical affection. Repeat this activity for at least 10 minutes. This type of concentration and physical activity should be fatiguing to puppy and burn off some pent up energy. 

Rainy days are also an excellent time to break out the snuffle mats, puzzle mats, or work on your commands like “drop it” while you are stuck inside. Make sure you let us know what activity worked for you and your puppy in the comments section  below. If you have any questions, reach out to us! We are always here cheering you on! You are doing fantastic!