They Call it Puppy Love: Why We Love to Hear From You All the Time

We have a unique mission here at Habibi Bear, one that involves making the perfect match between you and your prospective puppy, so that you both can lead a purposeful and loving life together for years to come. We take our roles as puppy matchmakers very seriously, and we quite often hold puppies back until just the right match is made. And it always thrills us when we get our magical confirmation and home “reveal” when it becomes evident which puppy is going where and to whom! Time and time again, we get to experience and witness the joy of seeing that very first meeting of two hearts, dog and human, that were destined to be together.

Each and everyone of our puppies is known to us, and undergoes our special and uniquely developed Habibi Assessment method and full Puppy Assessment Results so that each prospective owner gets a well rounded, complete report of the temperament, attitude, drive and learning capacity of their prospective pup. We take the extra step and provide detailed recommendations to ensure a smooth transition and suggested play/bonding/training plan. 
We love taking these extra steps to making these love matches happen, and we absolutely love hearing back from you how your puppies are doing and how they are settling into their forever homes.

 In the last year, we gave traditional long term training and its schedules a good effort, and  many of our Habibi Bear families reported results back to us and were left decidedly underwhelmed. Without the bond developed first with their new family member before training, they didn't feel confident in taking the reins in their new leadership role. Many were concerned about missing out on the early bonding that happens with the first 16 weeks in a puppy's life. Those who requested 2 weeks of scheduling transitioned with more confidence and were still within the important socialization window for proper bonding.  Finally, our families who brought their puppy home without any training (as has been the case for 33 years) had great success with our program that they followed along, homeschool style.  What I have realized from these three experiences is the importance of owner and puppy developing their relationship and learning together within the socialization period.  We cannot deny the power of empowering both owner and puppy to establish the foundation of their relationship through bonding rituals.  At the end of the day, training  without that foundation cannot give you the bond you want with your dog, and as the old saying goes, "you can't buy love".  Love is established through developing relationships built on trust...over time.  Puppies naturally want to work for their person they can trust will always advocate for them, provide for them, and loves them. These puppies naturally learn to choose calm when they feel secure and are raised with appropriate rules, boundaries and limitations.  So we are thrilled to share our upgraded program to meet the needs of all of our families, while providing introductory assistance with crate training, socialization, leash intro, and scheduling - all within the 16 week window, so you can imprint and BOND with your puppy while having tools to become the pack leader and trainer.  For those wanting service and therapy training, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of working with a trainer together in your area, so you learn how to guide your dog. Keep in mind, the therapy and service team is two parts - you and the dog.  The owner needs to train right alongside their dog with a trainer who can guide them properly along the way.  We also provide assistance in locating a quality trainer who will meet your needs.  

We are so excited to share this integral program that is going to create a powerful and beautiful connection between you and your puppy.  With a focus on building the bond between you and your Habibi Bear via very simple bonding rituals and our successful Schedule that will help you learn to speak dog.  Included  in the program, we are offering more support to do just that along with community building via weekly Zoom calls. If you purchase the Pup Start program option with your puppy, your weekly calls will be included.  For families who want to join in,  they are available for $25 a class.   This is a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know each other, learn from each other, and grow our knowledge in a warm, non-judgemental (and hopefully fun) environment. It’s a great way for us to share what we have learned about dogs in our thirty+ years of experience with you and empower you in being the best Dog Mom or Dad ever! It’s our way of spreading the love with our Habibi Bear families and giving back to all of you for taking that step in becoming part of our tribe. Thank you for continuing to support us, and trusting us to deliver your perfect puppy match to you and your family. Thank you for loving our Habibi Bear puppies as much as we do. 

What do you think? Are you as excited as we are to move forward with love into the future? We sure are! Let us know what you think in the comments. We’re always cheering you on!