Spring Ahead! Daylight Savings Reminder

On Sunday, March 9, we will be waking up one hour earlier than usual, losing one hour of early morning sun and waking up most likely in darkness as we set our clocks ahead for Daylight Savings Time. We as Habibi Bear Puppy parents, although maybe not cheerfully, understand what and why this happens, but what about our little Habibi guys and gals? Our puppies most likely will be confused by the sudden shift in schedules, routine, and generalized movement around the house. 
Because mammals and other creatures are in tune with the rhythms of nature, this artificially imposed time disruption causes a break in the circadian cycle for puppies and humans alike. A circadian cycle is an internal process that regulates our sleep cycle in 24 hour increments. 
Did you know that circadian rhythms also affect feeding patterns, core body temperature, hormone and cell production, as well as sleep?

To help keep our Habibi Bear puppies in tip-top shape, we have suggested transitioning feeding schedules (See last week’s blog- Spring Transition Schedules). If you haven’t done this yet, it is still not too late. 
Start by taking the opportunity to delay feeding today (Friday) by 15 minutes, and add an additional 20 minutes later tomorrow, and feed puppy 15 minutes earlier on Sunday morning to help your beloved little ones ease into the time change. 

Don’t be surprised if your little Habibi Bear guy or gal is sleepier than normal, out of sorts, or mouthier than they normally are. Dogs love love love routines and when their routines are disrupted it can cause a behavioral wobble that takes a few days to restabilize. Show your puppy some extra love and give them extra grace if they put their naughty shenanigan boots on during this week of time upset. 

Pay attention to frenetic behavior that can lead to an overstimulated puppy. See if you can work in an additional short walk, or perhaps a quick mini-training session (as little as 5 minutes) that can use up that extra nervous energy and force puppy to focus for a few minutes while going over the basics. Take advantage of hand feeding and sitting with your dog to extend calm and security from you to your puppy, to help with this little upset to their schedule. With your love and support, your Habibi Bear puppy will soon be back on track. If you notice any big changes, drop us a line and reach out for help! We are always here for you with years of experience, ready and willing to lend a hand troubleshooting, and of course, cheering you on! 

You are an awesome Pack Leader!