Puppy Paradigm Shift: Share your Love and Life with Puppy

Habibi Bear puppy being trained for therapy work!PARADIGM: a standard, perspective, or set of ideas. A paradigm shift is “an important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way.” 

In our Habibi Bear Universe, we are constantly expanding our body of knowledge in order to become the very best steward of our Habibi Bear puppies possible. We enroll in workshops, read books,and do video courses to keep up with the leading edge of new thought and practice. Then we evaluate what we’ve learned and compare it to our thirty years of hands-on experience of raising puppies and being in their vibration. If you could only witness the level of love, sincerity, and desire that our wonderful, sensitive Habibi Bear puppies have to Be with us, to share our life experience with us, and walk alongside us, your life and heart would be transformed just as profoundly as ours has. 

The basis of our new PupStart program is a complete shift in focus. We are no longer asking for obedience training. In its place, our focus is on developing a relationship with puppy based on mutual respect and trust. We are asking you to join us in elevating the basis of our relationship with puppy from that of a “pet” to one of “companion.” 

A companion is a relationship that is much more intimate and egalitarian than that of a pet, which implies ownership and subject. Let’s take a look at the word “companion” - coming from the Latin meaning “with whom one eats bread.” When we share bread or nourishment, there is a spirit of generosity, of affection, trust and good will. A relationship of companionship is one that is a leveling “up” - it is one that honors the unique soul and spirit that is your Habibi Bear dog. Your dog is a multidimensional being, they are a soul who accompanies you in happiness and routine, sadness and extraordinary. They share your living space, and eat from your hand. Let’s be the very best Leader that we can be for these generous canine companions. 

  1. Learn your dog’s love language (Doggie Love Language)
  2. Know what your pup is capable of (Space Puppies)
  3. Build trust with your pup (Faithful Friend)
  4. Be Present for your pup (Puppy Dream Date)

If you haven't checked it out yet, remember to click on the Pup Start link and see what all the fuss and fanfare is about! Connect with your dog through our “Power of Three” rituals and ride the wave of love. Reach out to us if you have any questions, remember we’re always here for you, cheering you on!