See How They Shine: Meeting Our Krystal Babies!

It is so awesome to raise puppies and it is always so much fun picking out the names for our precious Habibi Bear puppy litters. We take our inspiration from everything you can think of : pop culture, breakfast foods, storybook characters, and even the natural elements. One of the litters that was extra fun to select names for was our Krystal Babies litter, who were special because their mom was Zelda, our beloved Bianca’s sister.  When we saw how loving and nurturing Bianca was with her sister’s puppies, stepping in to help clean, snuggle and watch over the new babies, we knew that she’d make an excellent mommy, which she did.

For those of you who are familiar with us and our Habibi Bear mission of love, you know how much we like to call in supportive energies from the universe, which is why we had a blast using the spiritual properties of popular crystals to match up with this unique Moyen litter. So, without further ado, let’s take a look back at the 2022 Krystal Babies  litter and what spiritual properties they embodied!  (See the newborns)

Topaz is a stone that has the ability to promote self-love and confidence, and we were thrilled when we found the perfect pup who loved to cuddle for this beautiful crystal. Rose Quartz was another uber-cuddly pup, as she was named for the crystal stone of unconditional love, heart opening and connection.  She went to the perfect home, who was drawn to the stone and said this girl is exactly as her name suggests.  They kept her name!  Next were the two red stones, Ruby (a heart chakra stone) and Carnelian (strength, courage, emotional balance) two sassy and lively girls, and the blue gemstones Lapis Lazuli (spirituality and wisdom) and Turquoise (throat chakra opener) for two of our more calm, peaceful Habibi Bears.  Incidentally, all four of these dogs ended up in the same area and  three of them get together for play dates!  How cool is that?  Finishing out the litter were Fluorite (purification, stabilization and focus) and her mama kept her name as well.  She has been a great addition to her family and was an easy learner - and Jasper (strength, balance, and courage).  Jasper  had a truly special connection. His owner brought him home to join an older Habibi, and she discovered there is a unique Jasper that is specific to the area.

But the pup who really dialed into his purpose and life work is Malachite (now Larry) who helps his chiropractor dad in his office here in the lush and beautiful Pacific Northwest. Malachite is a heart chakra stone, one that is often known as a stone of transformation, bringing you strength and courage to embrace change in life as well as promoting healing and overall well-being. We know that Larry is the hit of the workplace ALPINE CHIROPRACTIC,  IN SPOKANE, WA  and brings a smile to everyone seeking treatment and restored balance. We are in perpetual awe of how wonderfully the universe placed him in his forever home and purpose. Larry also sired a beautiful litter of Habibi Bears with our wonderful Bianca, and his two daughters are carrying on the healing mission!  

Of course, we are constantly amazed by how each and every one of our beloved Habibi Bear puppies, the Original Teddy Bear dogs, always, always, always finds their way to their perfect forever home. It could be our unique selection and matching process which we can proudly say is unparalleled, and our dedication to see each and every puppy for the special individual soul they are,which makes our success a win for puppies and families alike. 

We would absolutely love to hear how your Habibi Bear Puppy is the perfect pup for your family. Send us your stories or pictures and your pup could be the featured Super Pup of the Week. We are always here for you, cheering you on!