Keeping Spirits Bright-Holiday Planning with a Puppy

For the first time in a few years, the likelihood that you and your family will be socializing during this holiday season is very high. We are so excited to be gathering with friends and family.  Since our families include our beloved Habibi Bear pups, here's some tips and tricks to make sure everyone enjoys the celebrations. Perhaps you will be baking, or maybe an extended gift wrapping session, or out holiday shopping and puppy will be spending a bit more time in their crate. Let’s keep all of puppy’s time in the crate positive by planning ahead. 

Just like we planned for Daylight Savings Time transitions, we are recommending a look at your schedule and planning ahead for the days and times that your pup will need extra attention AHEAD of an event or activity. 

WALK! Before an event or an extended period in a crate, make sure that puppy is well-exercised, watered, and ready for some quiet time. Even an extra quick 15 minute outing will be of help! So be sure to calculate that extra quick walk into your holiday day schedule. 

CHEWS! At least the night before but up to three days, stuff a Kong with kibbles, boiled chicken breast chunks and finish off with some peanut butter and put in the freezer. Now when you need to keep puppy fascinated and entertained, pop that baby into their crate and watch for a few seconds the excitement that follows! By having frozen the Kong, puppy needs to really work and strategize to get all the goodies out. Antlers are another great chew for busy puppies and tend not to splinter off into small pieces that could present a choking hazard. 

PUZZLES & MENTAL ACTIVITIES Snuffle mats or other types of dog puzzles are excellent at working puppy's brain and powers of concentration, as well as their sense of smell. Doggie puzzles and snuffle mats are everywhere and many varieties are available. This probably isn't the time to experiment with one, so try it out a few days ahead of time to make sure puppy gets the hang of it and is easily engaged with it beforehand. 

MEDITATE! Last but not least, take the time for yourself to get centered and grounded by taking a few deep breaths, and relax. By taking the time to center and ground yourself, that calming energy is radiating out to puppy, and will help reassure them that the change to their schedule and extra activity in the household is a welcome one, and nothing to fear or worry about. If you haven't already tried it, this is a wonderful bonding experience with your puppy and really expands both you and puppy’s sense of well-being and calm. (See our August 8 blog entry- Mindfulness for a refresher). 

Do you have any other tips or strategies that have worked for you in the past? Let us know by commenting below or let us know how these tips worked for you with your Habibi Bear pup. We’re always cheering you on! 


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