Meet Duchess: Mini Champagne Habibi Bear

We have received a few amazing updates on Betsy, now Duchess---we are so impressed with Brian and Rebekah's training! In a couple days of having this little girl they already had her doing tricks!

Here are a few reports!

Thank you for working with us to get Betsy (now Duchess) delivered. Her first night is going very well. She is playful and very sweet. She is pretty tuckered out now. I've attached a couple photos from the last hour.


I am still blown away by her. She is only 2 months old and I already learned to sit, lay down, and come (clicker training). She went with us to a cabin over the weekend and didnt have a single accident. She is so smart and well behaved!

We are 100% positive reinforcement. We are dojng our best not to teach her bad habits. I'll see if Bekah wants to take a video tonight of the tricks. Attached is a photo of her on her 2nd walk today. She loves all of the sounds, textures, and smells outside.

Brian and Rebekah