Meet Lucy: Red with White Habibi Bear

Dear Julie,

Thank you so much for raising such wonderful puppies! Lucy is absolutely adorable and is the smartest dog I've ever known. She's five months old now and knows sit, shake and lay down all with hand commands only. She will also let us put a small bone on her nose and she'll leave it there until given told it's okay and then she shakes her head to knock it off and pounces on it.

Her coloring is beautiful and everyone is always interested what kind of dog she is and they all just love her. She gets super excited whenever she sees someone knew so we're working with her on that. Kayla and Samantha have been definitely holding up their end of the bargain and taking care of her every day. I think they will be very disappointed if they ever get another dog because Lucy has been so smart, they'll think every dog is this easy to train! Again, thank you so much for letting little Lucy come home with us. She is definitely spoiled!