Meet Sadie: Mini Apricot Habibi Bear

Hi Julie, Sadie is doing great after almost a month. She is such a joy. We just got back from spending a week on the WA coast and she loved the beach, especially digging on the sand (will send pictures). She loved the car ride to the coast and did better then my daughter. She loves to chase/ play with balls in the grandparents backyard (I will send you videos). Sadie has become the neighborhoods favorite dog with visitors daily. She loves to watch people play tennis and basketball at the park. She will sit near the courts to watch, then the players catch her eye and come over to say hi. After 3 weeks she figured how to climb and escape the white playpen you recommended, now we secure her in the kitchen with baby gates that she cannot escape. At night she sleeps in her kennel. She sleeps through the night now with no whines and she has never had accidents in her kennel. Immediately after bringing Sadie home she thought the litter box was a toy whether then a place to go potty, therefore now its a toy box to play in and it goes everywhere along with her other toys (I will send a picture of her in her playbox with her favorite toy monkey). Within a week of training her she now uses the doggie door at my parents and the door training bells on the front door. Accident free and potty trained in 2.5 weeks at both homes.​

Thank you, Jenn Whitney