Current Waiting List

If you are interested in adoption, we work with a waiting list. Once you have read through our site and familiarized yourself with our breed, the selection process and our breeding practices, we encourage you to submit an Adoption Application. Upon approval, a deposit is required to join the waiting list, and we will let you know the current wait times at the time of approval. Keep in mind, those dates are estimations and also only apply to that DAY only. As we receive so many requests, the info can change suddenly. We recommend submitting your deposit quickly, to assure you have the spot on the list.

This page is where we will update openings and availability!

When we are full, we will temporarily close the waiting list until we have fewer families on the list.


Waiting List is opened for:

  • FALL 2017

  • WINTER 2017

(With the option to adopt sooner if we have more than planned)

Before submitting your application, please read through all the pages on our site to familiarize yourself with our breeding program and practices. We are a very small breeder and work mostly with referrals needing therapy dogs and do not open our home to strangers wanting to meet the breed, after incidents with people bringing parvo to our home. While we feel sad about having to discontinue visits, our waiting list families appreciate the extra precautions we take with the health of the babies, knowing that when it is their time to choose, they don't have to receive the sad call that their puppy was exposed to parvo by puppy shoppers. We understand visiting is something some people want to experience when selecting a puppy, however as we are primarily providing therapy potentials, our selection process is geared toward that need first and we need to assess every puppy and make sure the correct pups are available to those in need of therapy dogs. We have a very successful placement program and offer lots of insight and help in offering the correct puppy for your family. Including videos and personality testing.

To be considered the list, please submit your application HERE

and your non-refundable Deposit HERE