Here at Habibi Bears, we pour our our hearts into raising well adjusted and highly socialized, healthy puppies for discerning families who expect nothing less than a well bred puppy.  Our Habibi Bear Puppies are raised from birth to be enrichment seekers, using our tried and true socialization and whelping system,  combined with the Puppy Culture training program.  What is an enrichment seeker, you may ask?   That's a great question!  They are puppies who enjoy challenges, and are ready to take on anything life has to offer them!  From early neurological stimulation to probelm solving and basic training, our Habibi Bear puppies are given all the advantages needed for them to grow up to be trusting, fun companions.

To learn more about our socialization techniques read on..............

Habibi Bear Puppy


"We want your experience with us to be memorable and enjoyable! Please browse through our site to see if you feel we are the breeder for you. If you agree with our breeding practices, please feel free to fill out the online adoption application and we can get to know you and your personal needs"


Our focus has been to help families with disabilities in matching them with a compatable puppy that will fill a role as an Emotional Support Dog or Service Dog. We have many families looking for puppies to become Therapy Dogs as well. Because of the nature of this type of specialized placement, we must wait for temperament to develop, ensuring we have made a correct placement. Most of our puppies all fall into this category naturally, as it is such an amiable breed, however research has found that most puppies will be ready for temperament testing around day 79, at 7 weeks old. Occasionally we have a litter that is fully developed earlier or later. We watch the puppies mature and will make an announcement when we are able to fully assess all puppies in a litter. ​ ​


We enjoy getting to know all of our families and are confident you will find the process of choosing your new puppy a fun and enjoyable experience! We always remember that you are investing your hard earned money in a puppy that is to be a beloved family member, and entrusting us with this very important job.  When you adopt a puppy from Habibi Bears you are receiving a puppy that has been raised with our unique and successful socialization program. Our socialization program has consistently produced puppies with GREAT temperaments and personalities.  Each puppy is individually tested at the appropriate age to help our families choose the best baby for their home. We have excellent success in matching puppies with families, and our process is always fun! We always do our best to consider every family's needs. Any special circumstances that will help with this process are always important to us---please feel free to mention anything that you feel is important to your unique situation.

Aztec Mocha: BOY, Chocolate Brindle 
I'm Adopted!
Sweet Gentle Boy
Est. size: 3-8 lbs 
Wavy Coat
Therapy Potential
Cappuccino: GIRL, Black with White
I'm  Adopted!
Happy interactive Girl
Est. size 3-8 lbs
Wavy Coat
Therapy Potential 
Cuppa Joe: TINY BOY, Black Tuxedo
I'm Adopted!
Happy Interactive TINY Boy
Est. Size 3-4 lbs
Wavy Coat
Therapy Potential
Pumpkin Spice: BOY, Black Tuxedo 
I'm Adopted!
Happy Interactive Boy!
Est. Size 3-8 lbs
Wavy Coat
Therapy Potential 


DOB 7/25/17   Delivery  9/23/17

1 Girl - 3 Boy

Black & Chocolate Colors

Meet the  Litter

Our sweet little Teacup Litter is here, and they all are so outgoing and friendly.  If you are looking for a tiny, portable therapy or emotional support dog.....look no further.  Big dogs in little packages. 

Current Waiting list will make selection, any passes will go to the next in line on the waiting list,

so watch your emails for correspondence from us!