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Surfing Summer Trends: Dogs in Crocs

It is bound to happen. You’re having a meh day and while scrolling you come across the cutest thing ever since baby goats in pajamas–Dogs in “Crocs”! Pitties in pink Crocs, Pugs in green Crocs, Chihuahuas in sky blue Crocs, and Retrievers in red Croc...

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Managing Chemical Exposure in our Pups: Why and How

If you have taken a look around our Habibi Bears website, you’ll be familiar with how we feel about raising our dogs as naturally as possible, using holistic methods that we have had great success with over our long thirty year career. Let’s take a l...

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Hands down! What is Consent Petting a Dog?

It is amazing the wide range of personalities that all of our Habibi Bear puppies have, everything from the most rambunctious to the most calm and docile of babies. While I was watching our passel of original Teddy Bear puppies play the other day at ...

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Secure Attachments in Dogs: A Brief Discussion

In case you haven’t noticed, we here at the Habibi Bear Central Hub in the gorgeously lush PNW are absolutely, positively, crazy about our miraculous Original Teddy Bear Dog, the Habibi Bear puppy! We are totally obsessed with their loving characteri...

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Shining Super Star Luna from the Dog Galaxy - Celebrating our successes!

As the days get longer, we at the Habibi Bear Central Hub in the Pacific Northwest take advantage of the extra sunlight and spend more time outside. It's a joy to see puppies playing and having fun, bringing smiles to our faces and putting songs in o...

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Raising Puppies with Heart: Mastering the Habibi Method for a Lifetime Bond

Hey friends, it's Julie! If you're part of our Habibi Bear family or considering joining it, I have something exciting to share. 🐾❤️ 'Humans Guide to the Dog Galaxy ' is not just a course; it's a journey to deepen the bond with your furry friend, b...

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Setting You up for Success: That Supernatural Habibi Bear Support

We are busy as usual here at the Habibi Bear Central Hub in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, working with the cutest little bunch of Habibi Bear puppies, the Original Teddy Bear dog, that you’ve ever seen. Every day is a new adventure, filled with th...

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Spreading the Love: You and your pup are bringing the Magic

As the darkest of winter days slips away and we are receiving more and more of the life-giving Sun, we are in awe of just how much love our beautiful Habibi Bear Puppies, the Original Teddy Bear dogs, bring to our daily life. Here at the Habibi Bear ...

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Four on the Floor: Letting puppy be a Dog

Here in the PNW, home of the Original Teddy Bear dog, the beloved Habibi Bear puppy, we are knee deep in slush, snow and ice wherever we look. It’s a real Winter Wonderland, and we are having fun, keeping cozy, with the snuggliest, most loving dogs y...

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Air Jail?! Resisting Trends and Maintaining Trust: Pup Parenting 101

Brrrrrr! It sure is cold here in the Pacific Northwest, home of the Original Teddy Bear dog, the amazing, cuddly, and loving Habibi Bear puppy! As the winter chill settles in, lots of us are spending more time online and maybe have seen a fairly rece...

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New Year, New Pups: Bringing a New Dog into your Home

As we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome 2024, it is time to bring in the new year and review how to bring a new dog into your home. If you are part of our Habibi Bear tribe, maybe you're considering bringing another wonderful Habibi Bear puppy, the O...

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Helpful Tips for Keeping Puppy Safe during Virus Season

It’s that time of the year when it seems like almost everyone knows someone who has a cold or flu. It seems like it is no different in the canine world, and while there is a new respiratory illness in the atmosphere, we advise caution not panic. Here...

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Holiday Tips for Puppy Management

Zoning Out: Why Puppy Zones are the best during the Holidays As we are fast approaching the Holiday Season, we here at the Habibi Bear Hub, home of the Original Teddy Bear dogs in the PNW, are making full use of Puppy-Free and Puppy Zones in our home...

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Blues Clues Continued: What are the Puppy Blues?

We hope that everyone in our loving Habibi Bear Tribe family had a wonderful holiday celebration and we are so thankful to have you in our experience. It is amazing the sense of solidarity and fellowship that we all share in our love for these amazin...

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Blues Clues Pt Two: Wake-Up Calls of the Puppy Kind

Rise and shine Habibi Bear Tribe! As we are winding down to the last few weeks of the year, we at the Habibi Bear central hub wanted to take this time to talk about the realities of puppy parenting, especially going into the holiday season and the ad...

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Blues Clues Part One! Preparing for your Puppy

Here at the Habibi Bear Central Hub, home of the Original Teddy Bear dog, we are always striving to expand our knowledge about dogs and share it with all of you, our Habibi Bear Tribe, in order to provide the best for both puppy and families in what ...

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How to be the center of the universe to your dog

The Center of the Universe: You! Here in the PNW, home of the Habibi Bear pup, the Original Teddy Bear dog, we are so excited to share what we learn with you, our Habibi Bear tribe. It is our mission to be a constant advocate for dogs, and expanding ...

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Falling into Fall feeding: Last days of Daylight Savings

With pumpkin spice all around, jack-o-lanterns and harvest festivals it is time for the end of Daylight Savings, which means here in Habibi Bear world, home of the Original Teddy Bear dog, we will begin transitional feeding for all of our little Habi...

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Handling Skunk Encounters: Tips for Dealing with Unpleasant Situations

Close encounters and Smelly Situations: Skunk Alert!  Here in the golden autumn paradise of the Pacific Northwest, home of the Habibi Bear dog, the Original Teddy Bear puppy, the trees are turning and fall is all around us. Chilly mornings and sunny ...

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Grouchy Pants: Why We Love Grumpy Dogs

We at Habibi Bears, the home of the Original Teddy Bear breed dog, absolutely Love, Love, Love Grouchy Puppies! Yes, you read that right! We love Grumpy Dogs! Keep reading to find out exactly why we have a special place in our heart for you if you ...

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Developing A Dog with a special purpose & a Program to support them!

I’m Julie, the creator of the Habibi Bear. Developed exclusively to provide support for children with Autism & special needs.  I was inspired by my students and wanted to assist them by raising a dog that can be their voice and help them navigate their world. Over the years, this vision has expanded as I now serve people of all ages with my Habibi Method Program, as a Puppy Parenting Coach! 

Our naturally reared dogs are vitally healthy and have a rich gene pool with no inbreeding. I have an open stud book and will always be open to outcrossing to further my line. Health & temperament are paramount in my pursuit of raising dogs with a purpose.

In the beginning I told myself I would do this as long as it still lights me up inside and there is a need for my dogs.  Here I am years later, and I’m still having a ball, and our network is now international.  Every puppy amazes me with their uncanny ability to connect to people's hearts. It’s an honor to be the guardian of these special little bears, and be part of something quite magical between the hearts of human and dog.

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