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Grouchy Pants: Why We Love Grumpy Dogs

We at Habibi Bears, the home of the Original Teddy Bear breed dog, absolutely Love, Love, Love Grouchy Puppies! Yes, you read that right! We love Grumpy Dogs! Keep reading to find out exactly why we have a special place in our heart for you if you ...

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Asking questions to find a Dog Sitter

It’s full on Fall here in the PNW, home of the Habibi Bear puppies, the Original Teddy Bear dog. Maybe your family has a lot of upcoming autumn activities planned, which may require going out of town overnight for a period of time. We are here to hel...

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Top Tips for finding a GREAT dog sitter

Asking questions to find a Dog Sitter  It’s full on Fall here in the PNW, home of the Habibi Bear puppies, the Original Teddy Bear dog. Maybe your family has a lot of upcoming autumn activities planned, which may require going out of town overnight f...

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Pumpkin Spice Puppachinos: Getting Puppy Ready for Halloween

We at Habibi Bears, home of the Original Teddy Bear pups, can’t believe that we are winding up summer and sliding into autumn in a few days!  You know what that means? Falling leaves, cozy sweater weather, snuggly puppies and pumpkins, apple pies and...

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Honoring your Habibi Bear Puppy Part 2: Be familiar with Puppy Madness

Last week in our blog we spoke about honoring your precious Habibi Bear puppy, the Original Teddy Bear puppy dog, in a few different ways. Remembering Your Habibi Bear Puppy is a baby whose life is measured in weeks and months. Small breed puppies ...

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Therapy Dog Puppies in Spokane, Washington: Learn More

Dogs are more than man's best friend- they have become a valuable therapy tool, particularly for those with autism and trauma. However, finding a well-bred dog to accommodate your needs is an overwhelming process. It takes roughly 18 months to trai...

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Therapy Dog Breeder in Moses Lake, Washington

The United States is in the midst of a mental health crisis. Conditions such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD are negatively impacting Americans' quality of life. Each year, more than 25% of Americans are diagnosed with a mental disorder. The good ...

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Honoring our Habibi Bear puppies: Remember the Basics

If i told you......   that my friend has a new baby and after two months, she is disappointed because that baby isn’t following a rigid schedule and she has to change diapers whenever her baby feels like it, you may think that I’ve finally flipped a ...

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Bugging Out: Making a Dog Pack for Emergencies

Here in the PNW, the fire season is in full swing and it got us at Habibi Bears, home of the Original Teddy Bear puppies, thinking about being prepared to leave in a hurry with puppies, and how to be ready for that at all times. As much as we would l...

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Barking in Puppies: Deciphering Canine Communication

Summer is in full swing here at the Habibi Bear hub, the home of the Original Teddy Bear Puppies. Our furry little Original Teddy Bear puppies are having the time of their lives playing on the grass, learning from each other and exploring their littl...

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Hot Dogs Part Deux : Keeping puppy Cool during the Heat

Here in the PNW, summer is in full swing, the days are long and the sun is out. While not as hot as the rest of the country, there are times when we at Habibi Bears pay special attention to keeping our pups cool as they play outdoors or in our cute-a...

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Habibi Heroes: Our Teddy Bear Super Pups To the Rescue!

If you have been around for a while, you know how we are obsessed with our beautiful, loving, and Brave Habibi Bear puppies! We are! We admit it freely and openly! Here’s another reason why if you haven’t met and brought one of these furry angels int...

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Healing Paws: How Therapy Dogs Aid in Trauma Recovery

Whether caused by a single event or prolonged exposure to distressing situations, trauma can leave lasting scars. It's a problem that affects more of us than we'd like to think, as well over 70% of the US population has suffered through a traumatic...

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Best Buddies: Establishing a bond with your puppy

If you haven’t read the blog post from a few weeks ago, (Habibi Hero ), you’re missing out on an uplifting and miraculous tale of how one of our superstar pup’s saved their family’s lives and their home. At only five months old, little Honey alerted...

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Hot Dogs: Keeping your Habibi Bear Pup Safe in the Summer Sun

One of the most distinctive features of our beloved Habibi Bear puppies is their adorable teddy bear resemblance: Cute, cuddly, fluffy and portable (with the exception of some of our rare Standards). But with cuddly, portable and fluffy comes a cau...

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Four-Legged Healers: The Science Behind Therapy Dogs

Not too long ago you would have gotten a confused look if you mentioned therapy dogs. These days, though, the practice is becoming commonplace everywhere from psychiatric clinics to university campuses . In fact, you can now purchase a teeny-tiny H...

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Keep Puppy Safe During the Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July! We are full in the swing of summer, barbeques, cookouts, picnics and….firework season! Here’s some tips to keep your precious Habibi Bear puppy safe and sound. Make sure your puppy, if sound sensitive, stays indoors. You know ...

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From Hannah’s Heart to Habibi Heroes! Our Pups are Lifesavers

We at Habibi Bears are always in awe of the unique and special qualities of our fabulous furry little Habibi Bear puppies. These are the most intuitive, sensitive, and tuned-in little guys and gals that you’d ever have the pleasure of meeting. Their ...

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Caution: Baby Sharks on the Loose

It’s nearly summer and that means sun, sand and fun on the beach for everyone .  But what if there are baby sharks who nip at our heels and tear our clothes when we take a dip? Of course, we’re not talking about actual sharks and we are teasing! We o...

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Who Let the Dogs Out? Keeping Info on Puppy Tags Current

Last night when I wanted to take a short walk around the neighborhood, my walk was postponed by an encounter of the lucky kind….a loose dog wandering around without a care in the world! Since it was evening, there were too many cars to leave the dog ...

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Developing A Dog with a special purpose & a Program to support them!

I’m Julie, the creator of the Habibi Bear. Developed exclusively to provide support for children with Autism & special needs.  I was inspired by my students and wanted to assist them by raising a dog that can be their voice and help them navigate their world. Over the years, this vision has expanded as I now serve people of all ages with my Habibi Method Program, as a Puppy Parenting Coach! 

Our naturally reared dogs are vitally healthy and have a rich gene pool with no inbreeding. I have an open stud book and will always be open to outcrossing to further my line. Health & temperament are paramount in my pursuit of raising dogs with a purpose.

In the beginning I told myself I would do this as long as it still lights me up inside and there is a need for my dogs.  Here I am years later, and I’m still having a ball, and our network is now international.  Every puppy amazes me with their uncanny ability to connect to people's hearts. It’s an honor to be the guardian of these special little bears, and be part of something quite magical between the hearts of human and dog.

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